Poemhunter Sitcom Skirmish Has Me Hysterical Poem by Trade Martin

Poemhunter Sitcom Skirmish Has Me Hysterical

Rating: 5.0

OK, everyone involved…..,
I’m stayin’ on the sidelines…..,
Can’t get in the middle of this one….,
You’re all too strong for me…..,
This is a battle of the PoemHunter sexes…..,
You know who you are…..,
Please go to your corners….,
For a minute…..,
Take a deep breath….,
And come out writing…..,
And may the best poet win…..,
I haven’t spoken directly to Aldo….,
But I believe he’ll agree…,
To be the head referee…..! ! !

I’m personally enjoying…..,
This “poet conflict”…..,
In cyberspace…..,
There’s the bell….,
Here you go…..,
Ready….? ? ?
Start writing…..! ! !

Reshma Ramesh 01 March 2009

haha! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! are we all competing here? ? really? ? where are my gloves....oh! ! oops pen i meant

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This brings a smile!

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Richard A. Davis SR. 28 August 2007

one word (not counting these of course) - Brilliant!

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Marci Made 05 June 2007

Oh dear, I missed this one and whatever the heck it was but it made me laugh and that is always good..........marci, xo

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Chris Mendros 13 March 2007

Yes, very amusing, as usual cm

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Pranab K Chakraborty 23 October 2010

Fantastic the project the poet has placed before the poem-writers who are in craze to go to the top of the list. Quality is secondary but quantity would have to be much. O.K. Then take the challenge dear. But unofficially tell, Poet Trade Martin is not that kind, he has the quality also to stand on the time. Enjoyed much. Beautiful humour with poetical graphics. Regards, pranab

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Shashendra Amalshan 10 July 2009

hey this is an exhilarating read indeed! ! ! exhilarating and thrilling as the competition it self! ! ! ! well sir, it s been like three months i v visited the site! ! ! there are lots of great poets, who are ranked lower, with great writing skills.. this is sort of an adventurous write indeed! ! ! liked it very much with love shan

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Wojja Fink 06 June 2009

the words are flyin' thick and fast the metre's fine but the rhymes don't last old repeats dug from the past think I oughta act my age quickly turn another page glad the ref's a poetical sage.......lol

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Vinod Kumar 16 April 2009

Very Nice composition sir, thanks,10+++

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Duh Huh 18 March 2009

I'll sit by and watch from the sidelines lol. Who's got the popcorn? :) Nicely done and entertaining as always. :)

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