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The Light In The Darkness

In every one of us a Light burns

A Light that pushes us to be better than what we are

Walk The Road Alone

If you decide to live your life
with your heart caged securely inside your chest,
you cant get hurt or feel the pain
which has brought down all the rest.

The Best Of Dreams

The hour is getting late
and we've had a good day
now we both lay together
with my arms around you

I Bite My Tongue

It seems like forever that we've been friends
with no secrets between us
never an awkward moment not followed by a laugh
I admire everything about her

This Too Will Pass

When love is lost
and your heart is broken
when your friends are far
and cant be there

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Started Writing Poems during his senior year in High School when his mind began to open up to what was going on around him. And now he just writes whatever thoughts plague his mind before falling asleep. Enjoy :)

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