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Dear Guardian Angel
Thank you for watching over me
Dear Guardian Angel
You are oh so sweet

Don’t worry you aren’t alone
This world is tough and hard
You don’t always have to be defensive
Put down your guard

They think they are in control
They think they know it all
They think they are better

As I sit here all by myself
I wonder…
I ponder…
Can I send my love to you?


Let your heart be light
Let it shine through the night

Empty street
Late night
Cold rain
And howling winds

Are you hurting?
Tell me the truth
Why aren't you crying?
How badly did they scar you?

Red with embarrassment
I want to hide away
Comeback later that day

Broken wings
Shattered dreams
Crippled heart
Drowning in the dark

Spider Web of Secrets
He tells me I can't tell
She says the same
I'm so sick of this game

You see the world in shades of gray
You ignore the world from day to day
You have no soul
Your heart has a hole

How do you stand so tall?
Where did you get the strength?
Aren’t you afraid that you’ll fall?
Who will take your place?

I'll be there for you
I know what you're going through
And if I don't understand
I'll still lend you my hand

Through my eyes a world so fine;
Full of loveliness and disasters that just fall from the sky;

A world of pain, a world of hurt;
For one to survive you must be alert;


The thunder booms all around,
It only moves at the speed of sound.

Before the thunder comes the rain,

I'm not that strong
I don't belong
I was wrong
So wrong…

I’m trapped inside a box
No where to spread my wings
Feelings bottled up
That I just want to set free


Dreams come
Dreams go
There are feelings that I never show
Feelings that you’ll never know


I want to be a writer,
To be able to create;
To be me,
To set my imagination free;


Your heart is dying,
If it’s not already dead,
You’re so use to lying,
You don’t know if it’s all in your head

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Dear Guardian Angel

Dear Guardian Angel
Thank you for watching over me
Dear Guardian Angel
You are oh so sweet

You protect me from the wrong
And lead me to the right
If I’m lost in the dark
You take me to the light

Dear Guardian Angel
Why do you care?
Dear Guardian Angel
Thank you for always being there

You take my hand
And wipe away my tears
You hold me close
And fight away my fears

Dear Guardian Angel
Please stay close to me
Dear Guardian Angel
Thank you, I know you’ll always believe

You watch me sleeping quietly
You caress my face lovingly
You brush my bangs out of my eyes
You give me sunny skies

Dear Guardian Angel
Can I make it up to you?
Dear Guardian Angel
Thank you for always being true

Guardian Angel
I thank you
Guardian Angel…
I thank you

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Messaoud Allalouche 17 August 2013

I like all of ur poems, I like ur imagination ur talent ur creation

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