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Arrivals are always difficult
The awkward greeting
That tentative grimace unfurling into a smile
A guffaw and then the hug

Ruins and what are they?
A mass of stones
Shattered battlements
Crumbling old temples

A culvert opens on your face
But what if the face is a desert
With no stream or river?
Life merely an expression

Age finally catches up
It is there with you like your skin
It is your skin indeed
And then there is tiredness

An old fort lies desolate and
Lost in a village of
Coconut trees and fisher folk.

And then when it comes to you
A choke in the throat
The world swimming around you
Lucky indeed to lie down and not fall

Suits worn untidily
And that is if you wear suits but it can be any other dress
Well let me return to the suit
The trouser held up by a belt askew

And when I go
I wish it will never be said
How sad that he went
Rather it be felt

Ah! Caught you on the Messenger!
There you are
Distant yet close
In cyberspace….


Let's do away with the anthem
Verses of hate
Songs of domination
Played out to anesthetize masses

It takes a hold on you
A shackle that will leave only with life itself
The heartfelt longings of remembered evenings
Dawn in strange places

They say that he lived there for many years of his life
Radha painted his world without seeing it at all.
On a cold autumn morning
Walking past a field she asked

An emotion creeps into the heart
Like dawn in winter….
Hesitant hazy light
Ready to blackout again.

To dream in whispers
You must be afloat
On a paper boat
Memories must wind

I want to be there when the Sun comes
To set, at the end of the ocean
Watch the green waters blaze orange
At the end of a day.


Night is fraught, frightens
It's screaming stillness awakes overwhelms
Await daylight, life's predictable conforming
A doorbell's ring a spoon's loud fall

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So what do I say about myself? That I write under my real name? Or that I am a semi grounded wanderer Who has tripped the world's wilder parts? For over fifty years now? Do I mention what I do - Manage people, crippled inside With fears and worries endless sympathy? Can that be the bureaucrat I think I am? Uday)

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Our Son Returns

Arrivals are always difficult
The awkward greeting
That tentative grimace unfurling into a smile
A guffaw and then the hug
Melts formality and time
He is back home again for a while
Seems to me he never left
Ah what fun!

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Michael Philips 24 January 2006

I have finally read all your poems and I am quite pleased with what I have consumed. You have a stark, economical style that still is full of beauty, non-normal words, and striking images. My two favorites are Anjengo and Leaving Bath. There is a pleasant confidence in your work, which nicely walks the line between saying too much and not enough.

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