Unwritten Soul

Unwritten Soul Poems

81. Second Chances 8/20/2013
82. Shades Of Love (In The Light) 9/30/2012
83. Shadow 2/24/2010
84. Shattered Piece Now Returned 6/25/2013
85. Soldiers Of Love (Ft Terence George Craddock) 8/20/2011
86. Sometimes We Just Be There 11/18/2016
87. Soul Of Two 2/6/2013
88. Soul Tells All 3/28/2011
89. Spirit Of Fire In The Water 7/31/2012
90. Starlight 7/13/2011
91. Still Here 12/23/2012
92. Stolen By You 2/12/2013
93. Straightening Waves 11/13/2010
94. Summer Dream 6/18/2013
95. Sun Alives By The Moonlight Smile 2/27/2013
96. Sunset Blues 5/13/2011
97. Sweet Sour Apple Bites 10/1/2011
98. Swimming The Past Time 1/8/2012
99. Tears Reflection 5/29/2012
100. Tell Me Where Your Smiles Hide 8/17/2013
101. The Black Canvas 8/27/2013
102. The City Of Souls 3/9/2017
103. The Curls Of Destiny (Te Amo) 12/15/2012
104. The End Of Pain 2/6/2016
105. The One Who Live In Me 3/29/2013
106. There Is Fire In Your Mind 5/4/2016
107. Till We Are At The End Of Horizon 6/10/2016
108. Timeless Masterpiece 12/23/2014
109. Towards End 6/1/2013
110. True Love When I'M With You 9/8/2013
111. Truth In You 1/12/2013
112. Understand Beauty From Your Eyes 8/14/2013
113. Understand Me? 6/21/2011
114. Universal Love (Ft Terence George Craddock) 5/25/2011
115. Violet Symphony 4/7/2012
116. Walking Through The Rain 7/7/2011
117. Whenever You Call My Name (Here I Am) 4/29/2011
118. Wherever You Go 5/18/2013
119. Wing Our Loves Over Their Hearts (Ft Ellias) 8/29/2012
120. Yesterday...I Was With You 9/19/2013
Best Poem of Unwritten Soul

A Few Words

A few words
Could bring more than a sound
Touch the ears turn wry to golden smile
or sharper than a glass to cut into pieces

Winding up a road between us
Separating emotions out of mind from the case
Would be wrong to let ego reign the grace
How ignorant sometimes heart could be?
Deaf two ears, and blinding opened eyes
Pretend the silence is your voice
Avoiding you is not a choice

A curse of few words
Lead a way to stray from the truth
A plead for apologizing replied by ignoring
A few words used for ...

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Light In The Chamber

Light in the chamber
Glass, you keep it inside
Not as fortress from letting it brighten the dark
But your transparency magnify its power to cross the night

So do my love i carry in me
Here my beloved friends, my remedy
You magnify my love across the world
Signifying peace is here as our hands hold

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