Unwritten Soul

Unwritten Soul Poems

1. Love And Friend (Retouched) 2/26/2010
2. Rebirth / A New Day Has Comes 7/28/2010
3. Sunset Blues 5/13/2011
4. Shadow 2/24/2010
5. Soul Tells All 3/28/2011
6. Straightening Waves 11/13/2010
7. Universal Love (Ft Terence George Craddock) 5/25/2011
8. Understand Me? 6/21/2011
9. Lost 5/26/2011
10. Soldiers Of Love (Ft Terence George Craddock) 8/20/2011
11. Swimming The Past Time 1/8/2012
12. Meet Me In The Horizon (Ft Vipins Puthooran) 2/13/2012
13. Violet Symphony 4/7/2012
14. East Sakura (Ft Wabi Sabi) 4/22/2012
15. Wing Our Loves Over Their Hearts (Ft Ellias) 8/29/2012
16. Soul Of Two 2/6/2013
17. Only Time Knows 3/9/2013
18. You Are Someone (We Love) 3/31/2013
19. Towards End 6/1/2013
20. Midnight Waltz 4/14/2013
21. A Reflection Through My Eyes (I See) 4/26/2015
22. My Apology To You Is Like My Night Sky 11/15/2015
23. In Thousand Miles, Love Still Not Far 12/6/2015
24. If You Dont Mind (Through My Eyes) 12/23/2015
25. The End Of Pain 2/6/2016
26. Finally... 3/2/2016
27. There Is Fire In Your Mind 5/4/2016
28. Till We Are At The End Of Horizon 6/10/2016
29. Imagine A World Without Flowers (Ft Christopher Tye) 7/13/2016
30. Another Dimension 8/27/2016
31. Dreaming Over The Moon 10/3/2016
32. Faded Scars 10/22/2016
33. Sometimes We Just Be There 11/18/2016
34. Even If My Mind Forget 12/16/2016
35. Price Of Compassion 2/5/2017
36. The City Of Souls 3/9/2017
37. Sakura On Dying Twigs 3/21/2017
38. Remedy 4/29/2017
39. Blaming The Birds For The Cause Of Silence 5/31/2017
40. Because You'll Never Understand 6/30/2017
Best Poem of Unwritten Soul

A Light Through Your Heart

I see a light
A light through your heart
The special heart glows in the dark
Warm me with your melodious heartbeat tonight
Sweetly kill the quietness of the night
Come and inspire me for a of song
A song of love with sound of heartbeat
Could you stay a while
Help me finish the song for you
With the hope we still together for long
So i have a chance to sing you
A song of a every night
My love song

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Frozen In Summer

Last December wore me white
On my back it laid snow
Made my heart entirely cold

Sunlight cant spell warm on my back
I was lied with hopeful shine it reflects
Believing the fire will break the ice
Perhaps, the sun shy hiding behind white clouds
Whispering another spell in form of thunders

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