Birth Of Ozone Layer Poem by V P Mahur

Birth Of Ozone Layer

When this vast universe was being created
The earth felt zealous, enthusiastic and excited
She was not only thankful, grateful to the creator
But pleasantly proud of her unique treasure
Almighty Father has created her with great affection
Made her unique in features and lovely in attraction
She felt deep self satisfaction and maternal pride
Watching the whole moments and joyful stride
When various kind of creatures with different features
Wandered on her bosom in agreement with others
Fed on the food prepared and gifted by green plants
Rested and slept on her lap compassionate with no wants

But time always changes framing new faces
Often the meek soft hearts sprout in them greedy traces
The Satan of greed and desires infected some souls
They started misusing the natural gifts over all
The environment shattered, the good tattered
And the anger of sun rays brought fury shattered
The invisible violet rage began to burn the skins
Mother earth got restless and called her lovely poles twins
Along with North Pole and South Pole the races of gods all
Water, air, fire and sky the community gathered whole

A long serious discussion made all think and ponder
Earth's compassionate, helpful eyes began to wonder
Her painful tears made every bit sentimental
At length the god of greenery began his portal
O Great Mother! We have three fully dedicated friends
They have served you and have set new elaborated trends
They are Oliver, Zonal and Neural with single soul
Hopefully, Mother Earth sent the god of air to go and to call

Came the three with reverence and bowed to Mother Earth
My sons! Time has come to prove worth of your birth
You are to do something to save this grand creation
From disastrous impact of fatal ultraviolet radiation
‘As you with great mother' said they and got altogether vaporized
Merged into one and began to expand fully determined
That united soul blanketed the earth from every direction
And Mother Earth named her ‘OZONE' with love and affection

Since that day from the harmful radiation the Ozone Layer
Saving the earth with great dedication and selfless care
It is now for us all the sons of Mother to be worthy
So that our Earth and her family may survive and be healthy

Started Composing on the Ozone Day and finished on Dec 11,2014.
Dedicated to those who care for the earth and its environment.
Kul Rai 27 October 2015

grt birth of such poem....

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Akhtar Jawad 11 December 2014

Damages to Ozone layer is a serious threat to mother earth. A nice poem.

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Edward Kofi Louis 11 December 2014

Great work! Thanks for sharing this poem with us. E.K.L.

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V P Mahur

V P Mahur

Siyana (UP) , Bulandshahr, India
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