Sing Praise Unto The Lord Poem by Valsa George

Sing Praise Unto The Lord

Rating: 4.9

Oh, my Father in Heaven,
Guarding me from all perils and trials
And sets my heart free of clutter,
For you, my songs of praise, I reserve.
All my life, I shall sing
Without fail, in bloom or gloom,
On every unfolding day
Through months and years
Till death and beyond.
Let my songs sail across the skies
And with the chorus of the heavenly band, unite.

Oh, the benevolent Lord of all creation,
Custodian of all wealth,
Contriver of birth and death,
The Master Craftsman,
Everything is your handiwork.

The lofty mounts
Veiled in misty snow,
The verdant dales
Lush and still,
The fathomless deep
Where mysteries peep,
All the flowers
That bloom and wither,
All things
Bright and beautiful,
Everything, above and below.
In all,
Let me behold Thy grace
And sing Thy praise!

Oh! Redeemer of Mankind
Guide me through the dark,
Guard my steps where dangers lurk
Hold my hand
And never loosen your grip

Make me face the light
Illumine me with wisdom serene
And fill me with love divine;
So that You be glorified
Here, on Earth,
And in Heaven be!


Here as I post my 200th poem today
I feel the rising elation and excitement
Of a batsman hitting a double Century
And stand jubilant, flaunting the trophy won

Now I bow before all my friends,
Those gifted ones from far and wide
Who read and comment on my simple verse
Help me grow with invaluable tips
And tap my shoulder with positive strokes

Here on poem hunter, the convergent streams unite
To join the confluence of an ever swelling sea
Of rhymed verse, such sheer delight
Here, we partake of each day’s poetic feast
Learning from others and strengthening our ties

I wish my friends, sunshine and blazing light
To brighten your paths and brave ahead
I wish you cheer and a train of friends
Also many a bliss and help from above
And all the grace to fare in life
To live evermore as poets of renown!

This is my 200th posting on Poem Hunter. I don't know if it is poetry! But these are words coming from a heart brimming with gratitude! I invite each one of you to read it!
Clarence Prince 21 November 2014

I think it's fair to say this poem is without a doubt full of Glory for the Lord! May all its readers be blessed! Thanks for sharing, Valsa!

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Elisha Wall 14 January 2015

Thank you very much!

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Daniel Brick 25 July 2014

You really capture the tone and scope of the best religious poetry in this prayer, it's really liturgical in that I sense the presence of a group of believers with a celebrant leading their worship by intoning the prayer in her or his clear, resonant voice, and at a certain point everyone will join in the recitation and make what the psalmist called A JOYFUL NOISE UNTO THE LORD, I too feel the need to frequently express gratitude even though I don't believe in a theistic deity, there have been others like myself who address their gratitude to the universe at large, the important thing is that we realize there is something larger that contains us and makes us all one family of love.

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Daniel Brick 25 July 2014

i just read the multitudinous comments on this poem; i thought my words were enthusiastic but comment after comment showed how deeply people were affected which reveals the depth of longing within our souls and how appreciative we are when someone can put our restless needs into a beautiful artistic form. It's true that poetry is the finest possible container of our truest beliefs, or to change the metaphor the poem is like a spaceship which takes us to the core of the sun where all is sweetness and light - Paradiso!

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Dr Dillip K Swain 07 June 2022

All the flowers That bloom and wither, All things Bright and beautiful...beautiful expression dear madam. A sublime piece of poetry. Top score and to my favorite!

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Kumarmani Mahakul 02 May 2020

It is a great plea to Father in Heaven from your core of heart. I here cite some lines......., Oh my Father in Heaven, Guarding me from all perils and trials / And sets my heart free of clutter, / For you, my songs of praise, I reserve. All my life, I shall sing / Without fail, in bloom or gloom, . This poem is so brilliant. Thanks for sharing.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 11 March 2019

The last two stanzas depict submission and humility. A strong and encompassing prayer of guidance and assistance. So humbling verses that touch the core of.the.heart. A beautiful poem of deep faith. Wonderfully written.

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Valsa George 11 March 2019

Thank you Rose Marie for taking your time off to write such a detailed and inspiring comment on my poem! I have always noticed that while commenting on the works of poets, you take a sincere effort to understand the poems in every detail and you encourage each one with sincerity! Your comments are always a delight to read. In fact this poem has come from the core of my heart and I always believe that man has nothing other than what has been given by God!

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 11 March 2019

The second and third stanzas dwell on God's nature and His wonderful attributes. The great Poetess recognizes these attributes through marvelous words and superb imagery. Liked these lines, to wit: " The benevolent Lord of all creation....The Master.Craftsman depicting His power: omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresent.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 11 March 2019

EXCELLENT spiritual write. A wonderful song of praise for the Lord Almighty. The first stanza captures the Poet's deep faith and strongly affirms such faith by powerful and wonderful verses. It also conveys gratefulness and a promise of eternal faith in the Lord.

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