Where Lies True Bliss? Poem by Valsa George

Where Lies True Bliss?

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Where encased is the secret of bliss
Is it encoded in any talisman abstruse?
Does it linger unseen on the face of angelic babes
Who, with smiles and laughter create such heavenly vibes?

Can it be in the eyes of charming belles
Who hold the world under their mesmerizing spells?
Or is it in the heroic deeds of valiant men
Who, on the face of death, undaunted remain?

Can we behold it in the brilliance of the rising sun
Or in the serene calm of the misty twilight dawn?
Does bliss hover on the banks of streaming brooks
Or on the heights of snow clad mountain peaks

Can it be with fair Venus- Queen of Love
Or in the arrows speeding from amorous Cupid's bow
Does it glisten in the silvery beams of the shining moon
Or in the setting sun's embers of amber and maroon

Can it be somewhere in heavens so high
Beneath the fluffy clouds quietly gliding neigh
Can sweet Paradise be the seat of bliss
Where seraphs sing, angels dance and nothing is amiss

Nay, it surely resides not in worlds beyond
But here on Earth, in the union of hearts with love abound.

Savita Tyagi 12 July 2017

True bliss surly lies with union of hearts with love abound. Larger the union wider is the scope of bliss.I had missed reading this beautiful poem a year before. But earlier this morning visited your page since I was thinking about you from last few days. What a double dose of pleasure it brings reading your poem as member poem of day. A true bliss.

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Valsa George 12 July 2017

Thank you Savita for your appreciation of the poem! I am so delighted!

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A. Madhavan 12 July 2017

Congrats on your lyric being chosen today in our PH. Best wishes Friend. AM

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Valsa George 12 July 2017

Happy to get your feed back... Sir! Thank you for your Best Wishes!

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Liza Sudina 12 July 2017

Dear Valsa, there are poets who only ask questions in their poems and are not able to give any answers. You GIVE the answer after many variants of thoughts and it is true, clever and confident. Thank you! ! !

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Dr Dillip K Swain 25 September 2020

A splendid poem! I derive utmost pleasure to read this magnificent piece of poetry time and again! Great ink dear madam, great ink!

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Vaibhav Simha 23 April 2020

Apart from the deific message conveyed through this poem, I was exhilarated by the vivid imagery and intricacy exhibited by almost every assortment of words. As a person who gormandizes nature and delves into its beauty, I am in love with this line, for some reason: " Or in the setting sun's embers of amber and maroon." A worthwhile read for sure.

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Magadha Rani 23 January 2020

Can it be somewhere in heavens so high/Beneath the fluffy clouds quietly gliding neigh/Can sweet Paradise be the seat of bliss? What a brilliant series of inquisitions dear madam! A great poem...10++(Magadha)

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Savita Tyagi 02 May 2019

So beautiful! How did I miss reading it. Love the last lines. The true answer to the question lies in there. The best part is I think is that a heart full of love finds bliss in the The things narrated above, some thing that a heart full with hatred can’t see or feel. Thank you for sharing Valsa.

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M Asim Nehal 22 March 2019

A wonderful poem on the subject. Food for the thoughts. Nicely penned.10+

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