Varsha M Poems

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The Open Door

Everything seems beautiful
Under the shade of hour glass.

Falling sand on hour glass

Treasure Unexplored

S to a mile
Turns it sublime
Ever since I stepped in here
With a smile on my face

The Tiny Moments

What makes love great?
The tiny moments we dwelt.
The lingering drive we felt
And the longing we swelt.

Mistaken Paths

Ah! How much I long to be right
But see it's always the wrong
Yes the wrong which I caught
Making my life an open pond

Wife's Retaliation....

No woman in love
With her hubby
Ever choose to say
I can't wait for thee

Not Always Straight Ways Are Right

Tiptoeing like a curious child
across the waves of clouds
in the afternoon so proud
inviting me for a ride.

Queen Of The Night

The scent of vanilla
In my garden villa
On auspicious night
Call me to blight

Moon Nights

Sunita Grover Raina

Lovers stare at moon
I would rather stare at you

Winner's Song

Nursing was never her desire
Life was not happy to give her another offer
Failure was what haunted her
Amidst all that was dipped in brilliance.

Voice Of Goodness

Emerald of life
One conceive
With hope to receive
Goodness it sprinkle

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