Cupid Poem by Viola Grey


Rating: 4.7

Savage little naked fool
with puny weapons of love
fly yourself to another heart
before I snap your wings.

Point poison arrows at me again
and feel the wrath I reap
I'm wounded...hurt...yet still beating...
so quit aiming at my chest.


Coach Roth 17 July 2008

How can you not like a poem that threatens to rip the wings off a little angel...still laughing...Coach

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Flora Gillingham 15 July 2008

Alas, he'll aim at you again when you're not looking. And that's when he's most dangerous! Wonderfully sardonis piece. Fx

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Vidyadhar Durgekar 12 July 2008

very intersting piece of work I loved it my 10

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Kyle Shield Laster 09 July 2008

i love it. a definite 10! ! keep writing...i like this aggressiveness.

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Dawn Slanker 08 July 2008

That Cupid...he's really a demon in disguise. Great poem :)

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*Trusting You* 30 November 2008

Point poison arrows at me again and feel the wrath I reap and I will be right there with her... Ya go gettem Viola! ! ! lol. this made me smile. very good job. Becca

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Ashraful Musaddeq 18 September 2008

A small and wonderful poem, love it.10++

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Existential Despair 03 August 2008

Simply the greatest poem i've on this site so far...i need not say more

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Who Iam 31 July 2008

The sting of his arrow that never leaves; either bringing joy or sadly sorrow! Your advice to Cupid is very well put, although I feel you are a romantic at heart and when you are ready it too will return!

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Tom Balch 17 July 2008

he will get you again, thats when you kick the...... out of him.regards Tom 10/10

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