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Oh Father!
Today I write my heart out to you.
If I remember,
You were my strength when I could not stand,

All that you have to be, is a good human,
Let God take care of rest,

I see you when you see me,
I feel the deep longing in your eyes.

I respect you because you love me,

I don't know you when I write this,
But somewhere I feel it's time.

It's definite that I'll propose you,

Sometimes I dream,
But are those real,
What if one day I wake up in another world,
The world where I belong,

Life is like a river, finding its way
It never stops till every drop finds her bay.
Amazed I am at the droplet’s curiosity,
It never knew its destiny, still moved with furiosity.

On a road worn out he begins a journey,
A journey towards fulfilment

His eyes full of charm,

I must admire you, I have no words

Your beauty says it all.

A tiny speck in the universe,

It transcends barriers uncountable and comes to life

I want to fly across oceans,
Untamed, Untouched, In my full glory
Faster than winds and waves, I want to fly,
Touch the zenith, tell it my story


The day I was born, I was alone

Trying to find the realities of life, I was alone

Our lives are tied together,
They say affection, but I see friction.

Love is a word fooling us everyday,

As the pendulum of life swings, the years go by,

I am stuck, while the time flies,

Vishal Wadhwa Biography

A wandering soul trying to find the meaning and purpose of living in this world. Curious about the magic hidden in words, the power of the pen. Searching for happiness in dark to find a single ray of hope, of joy. I am a thinker, I am a wanderer. I am a open book to those who have tried to know me beyond the cover. Don't try to know me, judge me by my words.)

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Father: The Unexpressed Love

Oh Father!
Today I write my heart out to you.
If I remember,
You were my strength when I could not stand,
You were my voice when I could not express,
You were the courage in my fear,
Your shoulders are strong, my mistakes they did bear.
I might not say this every single day,
But do remember, I respect you in every possible way.
If Today I stand strong, you are the reason,
If I am respected, it’s because of your vision
I might not ask you for my decisions,
But your words are the logic behind my reason.
Years passed by, I can see world without sitting on your shoulders,
But you can still teach me things like keeping pages in a folder,
The next we meet, you owe me some time,
I still want to learn, how you forgot your wishes to keep mine.
One day I would have to take your role,
To reach the depth of your devotion would be my goal.

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'Let us keep our pens fuelled up, one day they'll write destiny'

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