A Proposal To Unknown Poem by Vishal Wadhwa

A Proposal To Unknown

I don't know you when I write this,
But somewhere I feel it's time.

It's definite that I'll propose you,
Though every word may not rhyme.

Today, I only think about the feelings,
Feelings of you being mine.

I'll say:


Listen to my promise and look at my tears,
Today I'll tell the truth without any fear.

Though love is not a deal, it's my endeavour,
I'll give you something and you could return the favour.

I have immaturity, I ask for your patience,
I am unpolished, I ask for your elegance

I know it's not fair, but here's the bend,
I offer you my love, love which will never end.

I promise to be on your side in all our fights,
I promise to comfort you when things don't go right.

I promise you I'll be there whenever you need,
I promise to stand by you in every deed.

Though freedom is yours to say yes or no,
I trust my love to guide you on which way to go.

Without any delay, I give you control
Mu future is in your hand, you can give it a roll.

Saturday, June 27, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: desire,love,marriage
Kelly Kurt 02 September 2015

A wonderful poem, Vishal. Thanks for sharing

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Vishal Wadhwa 06 September 2015

Thanks for your Kind words

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