Vishal Wadhwa Poems

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Father: The Unexpressed Love

Oh Father!
Today I write my heart out to you.
If I remember,
You were my strength when I could not stand,

Just Be A Good Human

All that you have to be, is a good human,
Let God take care of rest,

Sorry! I Can'T Love You

I see you when you see me,
I feel the deep longing in your eyes.

I respect you because you love me,

A Proposal To Unknown

I don't know you when I write this,
But somewhere I feel it's time.

It's definite that I'll propose you,

Sometimes I Dream

Sometimes I dream,
But are those real,
What if one day I wake up in another world,
The world where I belong,

The Droplet's Destiny

Life is like a river, finding its way
It never stops till every drop finds her bay.
Amazed I am at the droplet’s curiosity,
It never knew its destiny, still moved with furiosity.

A Journey From Nothing To Nothing

On a road worn out he begins a journey,
A journey towards fulfilment

His eyes full of charm,

For Someone..

I must admire you, I have no words

Your beauty says it all.

The Fallen Soul

A tiny speck in the universe,

It transcends barriers uncountable and comes to life

Untamed, Untouched, Undefined

I want to fly across oceans,
Untamed, Untouched, In my full glory
Faster than winds and waves, I want to fly,
Touch the zenith, tell it my story

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