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The leaves have fallen
A mild breeze plays
under an oak tree I sit to see
Your memory of past days

I spent a day in the corner of paradise
It thought me how to be a bit wise
I stole an everlasting memory from there
Excited, I ran wild as a hare

The wind whispered some words to me
In a language so elegant I cannot describe
I felt oddly sad sad and oddly in glee
But the words forever on my heart I inscribe

Below the dimly lit sky
On the gravel earth
A little girl let a sigh
On all that hurt

There was a merry little place
I used to know
It is where the sun show's it's face
And it is where the bruised go

The dreamy waves hit the lazy beaches
The scattered light on the waters,
Is the radiant opulence that reaches
To the resting sinful haters

Sometimes a poet is called a mad man
For he sees sinister,
Even a gentle graceful swan
And so I shall undo a spinster

I wonder whether love given is true
I ponder upon things liven through
I gather all the things come and gone my way
I bother about times spent alone, what to say?

I cease for the importance of humanity
I know ot if mine was a desire or necessity
The fire had died out
The cold had no more clout

I art waiting for the songbird to show it's grace
Perhaps with a song or mere presence
I come from long tired journeys I chase
The lapse of wrong leads to perseverance

I stood there waving goodbye to autumn
It was another sorrow after spring left
The days ahead had no use of woe
There is winter to begin it's theft

Below the dark skies
In the unforgiving twilight winter
Outside the house that sighs
The moonlight feebly showed a mentor

Butterflies danced round and round
The sweet fragrance spread with bliss
The songbird's mellow tune was profound
in the crystal stream gently, glided fish

They were scattered like shards of diamonds
On a black background of velvet cloth
The horizon that divided the high bonds
Between heaven and earth, nothing was wrath

I came across a merry little house
From the long tiring walks I had
It stood serene, but with no spouse
I thought this man liked the solitude

There was a merry old man
Beneath the blue skies
Defying every ban
He enjoyed telling lies

I am powered by hatred's offering
Motivated by woe
My experience is suffering
And that is so

There was an old man
In the merry glen
Who would sit for hours that ran,
On green fields then

I gaze out to see the lonely lane
Longing for a tread
Autumn's charm chases the bane
I'm leaving what is said

Talk to me today
I will one say everything I ever had to say
And you can stop pretention
You never paid me attention

vittal vandavasu Biography

I am a 17 year old boy withered through life with woe. I started writing poetry from class 8. Those were one of the most complex poems which needed polishing on their surface which was done in my 9th class and now in 10 I presume I write alike mature poets. Woe has always been my source of inspiration and my most beautiful poems are on woe. I write nature poems relating them to the eccentricities of life. They turn out to be elegant. Poems on death were started from 10 class as I have seen a lot's of fading dreams and dimming candles. I have not written much of merry poems because i just do not have the feel of joy. My best poetry so far has and maybe will be one sorrow. Sometimes i even write dream poems but they tend to be complex and many misunderstand them. Anyway i just hope my talent doesn't lament in the way of life's strife.)

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Come To My Arms

The leaves have fallen
A mild breeze plays
under an oak tree I sit to see
Your memory of past days

The green soft grass is spread,
Flamboyant flowers bloom
Yet I long to be dead
I so wanted you as my groom

The sky is all clear and blue
Like a blanket covering me
While i sleep I dream of you
In nature's cradle I'm in glee

I remember we met here
Then it was fair love and bliss
So dearly you called me dear
Ah! how desperately i long for the past

We used to sing a merry song
In chorus with the songbird
I know not where it went wrong
My love was not heard

The songbird flew away
You went away
the breeze fades away
Trees never dance today

But now, enchanted by your memory
Everything has come to life
But yet i celebrate alone every ceremony
I live by your memory and fear of knife

The way you smiled
You shook my hand
All i have is a piece of paper
On which you wrote

The paper is my most prized possession
I shall go the grave with it in my pocket
Ignorant of my love you took the decision
I'm all woebegone amidst your blissful racket


I stare at your piece of paper
You scribbled for if i ever wanted to talk
My way seems damper
I'm blind and need you to help me walk

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Zainab Amjad 27 February 2010

Surprised by such wit and intelligence. Great talent for writing. Really stirring poetry. He's among the best writers I know and im sure he'll continue to be.. =)

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Anusha Subramanian 06 October 2009

A wonderful poet for the age of 15.. Knows to use the right words at the right place.. Hats off! Mr.Poet, I am always a fan.. of your writing skills.. :)

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