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Shreya Sinha 08 March 2017

Amazing poem .....just love it a lot......

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Vandavasu Vittal 06 October 2009

She is a wonderful blank verse poetess so young but yet within so mighty. She is an ego free poetess although there is no flaw if she boasts. A wonderful poetess I have had the pleasure of meeting.

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The Best Poem Of Anusha Subramanian

I Miss You

Dear Sister,

I remember your name,
I remember your face,
I remember your style,
And your different taste.

I remember our fights,
I remember our laughs,
I remember our arguments, for the silly little tops.

I remember the times we spent together,
I remember the times we avoided each other,
I remember the times we slept under the moon,
counting the stars like funny little fools.

I remember the days you kissed me,
I remember the days you slapped me,
But then I thought your decision was right,
to move to a hostel, for both of us to spend peaceful nights.

But my nightmare started right there,
When I waved you a goodbye,
With no one to fight and no one to laugh,
I shed tears longing for you to come back.

I remember each moment I spent alone,
I remember the terrible situations I couldn’t handle,
I remember each time that I longed to see a shooting star,
to wish for you to come back.

I remember each time that I hesitated to tell you,
I remember each time when I longed for you to read my mind,
Now, that I feel it’s ‘now or never’,
Here comes the truth that I always wanted to tell you,
‘I terribly miss you! ! ’

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Anusha Subramanian Popularity

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