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I Miss You

Dear Sister,

I remember your name,
I remember your face,

When The Whole World Goes Wrong

Imagine the world going wrong.
The human beings are immobile.
You cannot move. You cannot budge.

Each Time I Closed My Eyes

Long after mom kissed me good night,
I was afraid to turn off the light,
As horrible figures danced before me,
Each time I closed my eyes.

The Will Power

“Hard work is the Backbone of Success”,
Is the famous proverb, around the world.

But what’s more,


Everybody over here,
Are wearing their pants,
Moving their hands,
To the beats of the band.

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Shreya Sinha 08 March 2017

Amazing poem .....just love it a lot......

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Vandavasu Vittal 06 October 2009

She is a wonderful blank verse poetess so young but yet within so mighty. She is an ego free poetess although there is no flaw if she boasts. A wonderful poetess I have had the pleasure of meeting.

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