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These saplings that I plant
Shall grow in youthful lusty bloom
With beautiful hues and sweet fragrance
In My Garden before my door.

'Let`s start our journey of fate`,
Proposed a stone to his mate,
`We shall have a race to run
High or low, rough or plain,

Time riding on the mighty wings of cloud
Floods the world with hails and pours
Some centuries are swept to ocean
Some rise with the rise of New Era's sun;

Be this conch can be confined within great grotesque gate

But the soul that's free fresh fine and part divine

Society! Society! Society!
Its obstacle to all liberty!
Eat if the society allows!
Wear if the society allows!

When the anarchy is loosed everywhere
Blood dimmed tide strengthens its sphere;

Death`s agents do dance around

As the fragrance of the morning glory
Mingles with the air
As birds break into songs
Sweet, pleasant and fair

She was frightening
While I, her name frightened fled
Now while I wishest her soothing company
She hurls me live in secluded agony!

You plea the women
For great civilization
You plea the women
For great nation

Where Innocence of Delight gets nourished in the Sun,
Where Spring sprays the stuff of Fun,
Where Waterfalls kindle the dying Streams,
And Valleys profound in chorus rhyme,

Passed silently
One more year of mere thoughts
Now it's time to prove ourselves
Now it's time to prove ourselves.

Pardon me my sweet love

I couldn't understand thy heart,

Jimmy calmed my heart in deep depression
A balm or physic for sorrow's ceasation
While I was alone
With all my hopes in deep despair

Let us write some songs and poems
On the remaining pages of Hope
Ere the dusty storm of anarchy
Blows them away to rubbish heap.

They are slain for none their sins,
But of mine-
For Mine very sins,
Their sin was just being my kids;

Innocence hath lost
Now youth withdraws,
And rude and hoarse maturity
Loosing its spell of sensible fog;

Teacher! My Teacher! You teach me to know,
Teacher! My Teacher! You guide me to go.

Teacher! My Teacher! You guide my way,

'Grandpa as ye told
Once there was a time
When this tree was blessed with greenery
Lustrous of its prime. [1]

O Death!
Cruel Death!
You can never object my path!
The fierce fury upon thy face

May I know the reason
Why that harmless died
Pining by the busy roadside?

Vivek Tiwari Biography

A teacher by profession and poet by passion. Literature is my love and poetry is my devotion. I use my pen to bring a revolution For everything of good and righteous fashion. Though the things are never easy But 'tis my ultimate faith That dedication is ever a solution!)

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Planting The Saplings

These saplings that I plant
Shall grow in youthful lusty bloom
With beautiful hues and sweet fragrance
In My Garden before my door.

Among the plants with laden flowers
Shall I sit serenity blessed
Easing in cot or swing or chair
Viewing the beauty wide expressed.

I shall glance and glare and sing
To all its heart exulting scenes
Its ecstasy of melodious musing
Of wasps murmuring and humming bees;
Singing birds and cuckoos' rhyming
Shall teach my heart a divine ease.

I shall be me young again
Bubbling heart of warm enthusiasm
To follow the flies
To hold their tails
To sing with Nature her throated romance.

Till the veins are tired to sweep
And the heart is lulled to sleep
Serenity's serene my brain doth feel
To reward my soul with grandest peace.

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Kripa Bhardwaj 26 July 2014

He is a very good poet. Even a very good teacher. he is the best teacher in my life. his poems gives me an encouragement. i salute his spirit of both writing and teaching i will never forget this poet in my life...................................................................

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Payal Parande 10 August 2013

Vivek Tiwari sir is one of the best poet i know and i feel grateful and lucky to be reading his poems. His poems tells how brilliant he is. he is also a great teacher his students are very lucky to have him as a teacher... all i want to say is thank you for being a poet sir

4 2 Reply
Angel Lockwood 27 January 2013

What is Love? Is different True Also provoking to thought! !

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Vivek Tiwari Quotes

Unity is an art that looks more beautiful and attractive when filled with colours of Diversity. So is India, a Great Unity in unbound Diversity.

The best way of living a good life is to love the people so much that your absence may make them feel like dying.

Joy of life lies in challenging the challenges!

Sad to see How on fast wings Time flies But glad to know I have to make it, how to ride!

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Vivek Tiwari Popularity

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