Walter W. Safar Poems

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My Friend

In a dreamlit night, I looked at a star
Like a bird without a flock.
I do not want to call solitude
What it is,

The Boy With The Sunny Smile

When the winds die down in the shadow of the small town church
To rest their restless screaming spirit
In the arms of melodious bars of the angelic music of „Holy Night".
Then, the whirlwind of wonderful feelings pervades everything,

If I Could Fly Like A Bird

If I could fly like a bird,
I would make a nest atop the highest mountain,
To sing to people about patriotism -
Find your home

I Confess, My Lord

I confess, my Lord,
I'm no more of a believer than anyone else.
My sorrow is just like other sorrows, an endless journey to the unknown,
As is happiness; an invisible icon of life,

Better World

I want to live in a world
where everyone has the right
to await Freedom,
like all the beautiful mornings

A Poem To Mother Marija

As recently as yesterday, my mother lived,
As recently as yesterday, the northern wind
Whispered to my mother brotherly
Of its thousand years of wandering and solitude,

Ode To Nature

I'm looking at the starlit sky,
I'm looking at the timeless heavenly plough land,
Along which the Father sows the seed of eternal light.
I'm looking at the falling star,


The more you try to reveal it, the bigger life's mystery is.
In the golden sarcophagus, many a sovereign found his eternal home,
Those who wanted to become immortal while they lived.
The greater the tomb, the closer you are the immortality, was their motto.


Our conscience,
Like an old fragile pilgrim,
Is in search of the holy land within mankind's soul,
Because everything is transient,

Merry Christmas To Everybody!

Merry Christmas to everybody!

All of us who are enjoying the comfort of our warm homes - let us not forget our brothers and sisters. To many, they are invisible in those small dark streets. Even when we see them in the street, we pass right by as if they do not exist. If we took a careful look of their teary eyes, we would heart the same scream we hear within ourselves when we are alone and abandoned. Let us reach out to them, because they are our angels who encourage us to perform good deeds.

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