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In a dreamlit night, I looked at a star
Like a bird without a flock.
I do not want to call solitude
What it is,

When the winds die down in the shadow of the small town church
To rest their restless screaming spirit
In the arms of melodious bars of the angelic music of „Holy Night".
Then, the whirlwind of wonderful feelings pervades everything,

If I could fly like a bird,
I would make a nest atop the highest mountain,
To sing to people about patriotism -
Find your home

I confess, my Lord,
I'm no more of a believer than anyone else.
My sorrow is just like other sorrows, an endless journey to the unknown,
As is happiness; an invisible icon of life,

I want to live in a world
where everyone has the right
to await Freedom,
like all the beautiful mornings

As recently as yesterday, my mother lived,
As recently as yesterday, the northern wind
Whispered to my mother brotherly
Of its thousand years of wandering and solitude,

I'm looking at the starlit sky,
I'm looking at the timeless heavenly plough land,
Along which the Father sows the seed of eternal light.
I'm looking at the falling star,

The more you try to reveal it, the bigger life's mystery is.
In the golden sarcophagus, many a sovereign found his eternal home,
Those who wanted to become immortal while they lived.
The greater the tomb, the closer you are the immortality, was their motto.

Our conscience,
Like an old fragile pilgrim,
Is in search of the holy land within mankind's soul,
Because everything is transient,

Merry Christmas to everybody!

All of us who are enjoying the comfort of our warm homes - let us not forget our brothers and sisters. To many, they are invisible in those small dark streets. Even when we see them in the street, we pass right by as if they do not exist. If we took a careful look of their teary eyes, we would heart the same scream we hear within ourselves when we are alone and abandoned. Let us reach out to them, because they are our angels who encourage us to perform good deeds.

My mother caressed me in my craddle,
Fed me on her body's milk,
Protected me from the heat with the shadow of her face,
Weaving the rays of life's magic like an angel

This traveller is of a quiet and mild nature,
Solitary tacit, inaudible and quiet,
As if in mourning,
One shadow follows another -

Darling, I shall never, never forget
the excitement
your heart had awakened
in my heart.

Oh, promised land,
For whose sake I am leaving Honduras,
The place where I was born.
I am haunted by my mother's tired face.

When I love,
I fly with the wind
Into the magic land below the rainbow of the human heart;

Between the first and last tear on my mother's cheeks
I travelled half the world,
Like the wind following the call of distant solitudes,
I stagger down the road of dreams drunkenly,

How many wishes and hopes pass through a man's mind?
This is what I am thinking about while looking
Into the sad face of an old man
Who is motionlessly starring into the distance,

If you want to give a gift
To the boy from the orphanage,
Give him hope,
Be the eternal flame

Oh, Lord, it is not loneliness that hurts,
But rather false friendship.
Yes, he who mourns without witnesses
Is the one who knows it best.

The wind is quiet, wearily quiet this evening,
(and they say that winds do not age)
and I,
I am fondling the wild rose

Walter W. Safar Biography

WALTER WILLIAM SAFAR. Kepler poet, fiction writer and playwright. He is the author of a number of a significant number of prose works and novels, including " The Gamble And The Ghost", "The Ultimate  Voyage", "Queen Elizabeth2",   " The Devil's Architect", " Leaden fog" , " Chastity on sale" , " Above the clouds" , " The scream" , " The negotiator" . Plays: "Brothers", "Birdman", as well as a book of poems, titled " Against All Streams", "The Boy With Silver Tears"…)

The Best Poem Of Walter W. Safar

My Friend

In a dreamlit night, I looked at a star
Like a bird without a flock.
I do not want to call solitude
What it is,
Because there are other flockless birds
Somewhere in the distance.
Yes, my friend,
We do not have to see each other
To know each other,
Because you cannot see solitude,
Yet you still know it;
When solitude wants you,
Look upon a star
And you will know that you are not alone,
Because many a gaze is friendly with the star;
When you pass a flower,
Know that it is your friend too,
Because you did not thread upon it.
When you see a bird in a cage,
Let it loose,
Because it sings its most beautiful song
When it's free;
Yes, my friend,
Friendship is like freedom,
Boundless and limitless,
Like space in human thoughts;
When a raindrop falls on your palm,
Know that it fell on the palms on many
Like a young friend;
When sorrow comes knocking at your door,
Speaking of the world's injustice,
Know that you are not alone,
Because my heart beats
Just like yours;
When the wind whispers to you
About its thousand years of wandering
And loneliness,
Know that you are not alone,
Because it whispers to me too.
Yes, my distant friend,
Solitude is not ugly
If it isn't forced upon you,
Just like friendship
Isn't friendship
If it is forced upon you.
Wonderful is the friendship
Linked by spontaneity
Like a bird's link to freedom;
Wonderful is the friendship
Linked by space
And nature;
Yes, my distant friend,
We do not have to see each other
To know each other,
Because if we do not meet during our lives,
Our souls will doubtlessly
Meet in the white heavenly fields.

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Sarah Mkhonza 12 February 2019

When you think all is lost, it is not. Keep at it.

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When you think that fate threw you out of the window of life into a bottomless pit, find your rescue in poetry, because poetry is the wings of the soul.

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