Wanda Swim Strunk

Wanda Swim Strunk Poems

1. You Poison My Mind 9/13/2005
2. Today I Am Thinking Of My Father 9/28/2005
3. 39 5/25/2006
4. My Lovely Liza 6/5/2006
5. Silence So Loud 6/26/2006
6. Words Somersault Toward My Ears 7/17/2006
7. Light Bulb Over His Head 11/16/2005
8. Take A Ride On Reading 11/9/2005
9. I Lack A Feeling 12/12/2005
10. Media Mediocrity 12/29/2005
11. Electric Van Gogh 1/11/2006
12. Walking Pneumonia 1/11/2006
13. The Magnificent Blueprint 3/22/2006
14. Creep 9/13/2005
15. Why Did You Kiss Me? 9/25/2009
16. The Goddess Of Echoes 9/25/2009
17. A New Voice Escapes Me 9/25/2009
18. It Is A War So Far Away 9/25/2009
19. I Had The Most Beautiful Dream Of You. 9/25/2009
20. The Intention Is Yes 9/13/2005
21. Sunflowers Swim To Mars 9/13/2005
22. Popping The Question 9/13/2005
23. The Squandered Penny 12/1/2006
24. Mothers Passed 5/9/2007
25. Clocks 11/2/2007
26. Who Stuck Me In A Snow Globe 11/16/2005
27. Mother Of Pearl 5/12/2006
28. The Ladder 9/17/2005
29. I Am Quitting My Job My Friend 5/14/2007
30. Working In The Old Wilson Building On New Spring Day 3/21/2007
31. To The Wandas Of The World 11/7/2005
32. Quotes From Childhood 11/16/2005
33. 20 Versions Of Tomorrow 10/23/2005
34. Come Back Kid 11/11/2005
35. Let There Be Light And There Was 9/18/2005
36. In The Intimate Hours Of The Morning 9/20/2007
37. Jigsaw 9/19/2005
38. Quietly You Go 11/11/2005
39. Bitter As An Unripe Orange 10/23/2005
40. The Tarnished Princess 11/17/2005
Best Poem of Wanda Swim Strunk

August Is The Dying Month

August is the dying month
When hot July struggles to keep her hold
Moving toward a hopeless chilled September
Pretending to be summer
As if children heading back to school stir the cold from the sky

It is a refined deceiver

August is a butterfly crushed on a roadway
One side dead to the pavement
The other is still vibrantly flutteringly alive
Fighting to fly away but it’s fate is already sealed

It is a delicate executioner

August is the month colors trickle from trees
A first leaf unnoticed tumbles
Sheepishly the others will shortly ...

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New York Sucks

New York sucked me into its pavement
Until I became gray and stony too
With it’s constant humming background
Irritating and hypnotic like a Hoover vacuum
Began feeling less like me and more like living scenery
I could move without moving anyone to me
Clustered in I couldn’t get them to move away

I couldn’t get any space to breathe and I was so fucking lonely

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