Wanda Swim Strunk

Wanda Swim Strunk Poems

1. You Poison My Mind 9/13/2005
2. Today I Am Thinking Of My Father 9/28/2005
3. 39 5/25/2006
4. My Lovely Liza 6/5/2006
5. Silence So Loud 6/26/2006
6. Words Somersault Toward My Ears 7/17/2006
7. Light Bulb Over His Head 11/16/2005
8. Take A Ride On Reading 11/9/2005
9. I Lack A Feeling 12/12/2005
10. Media Mediocrity 12/29/2005
11. Electric Van Gogh 1/11/2006
12. Walking Pneumonia 1/11/2006
13. The Magnificent Blueprint 3/22/2006
14. Creep 9/13/2005
15. Why Did You Kiss Me? 9/25/2009
16. The Goddess Of Echoes 9/25/2009
17. A New Voice Escapes Me 9/25/2009
18. It Is A War So Far Away 9/25/2009
19. I Had The Most Beautiful Dream Of You. 9/25/2009
20. The Intention Is Yes 9/13/2005
21. Sunflowers Swim To Mars 9/13/2005
22. Popping The Question 9/13/2005
23. The Squandered Penny 12/1/2006
24. Mothers Passed 5/9/2007
25. Clocks 11/2/2007
26. Mother Of Pearl 5/12/2006
27. The Ladder 9/17/2005
28. Who Stuck Me In A Snow Globe 11/16/2005
29. Quotes From Childhood 11/16/2005
30. 20 Versions Of Tomorrow 10/23/2005
31. Come Back Kid 11/11/2005
32. To The Wandas Of The World 11/7/2005
33. I Am Quitting My Job My Friend 5/14/2007
34. Working In The Old Wilson Building On New Spring Day 3/21/2007
35. Let There Be Light And There Was 9/18/2005
36. In The Intimate Hours Of The Morning 9/20/2007
37. Jigsaw 9/19/2005
38. Winter Heralds In 11/7/2005
39. Perils Of Pearls 5/5/2006
40. If You Were Metal 9/13/2005

Comments about Wanda Swim Strunk

  • Rev. Dr. A. Jacob Hassler (9/29/2005 3:06:00 PM)

    i see a great deal of talent in your work. keep writing and experimenting with new styles. take in everything you can read. soak it up and use it. blow minds and break hearts.


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Best Poem of Wanda Swim Strunk

August Is The Dying Month

August is the dying month
When hot July struggles to keep her hold
Moving toward a hopeless chilled September
Pretending to be summer
As if children heading back to school stir the cold from the sky

It is a refined deceiver

August is a butterfly crushed on a roadway
One side dead to the pavement
The other is still vibrantly flutteringly alive
Fighting to fly away but it’s fate is already sealed

It is a delicate executioner

August is the month colors trickle from trees
A first leaf unnoticed tumbles
Sheepishly the others will shortly ...

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Human Suitcase

you made My bones
Flesh and skin
you and him
A human suitcase
To put your baggage in
Lay your trip out before Me
Claim at times to adore Me
Yet I am the who unconditional loves
Heart worn on my sleeve

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