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August is the dying month
When hot July struggles to keep her hold
Moving toward a hopeless chilled September
Pretending to be summer

Tangled in the loving slender arms
I would knot the ends
To make a swing
Under my willow tree

I am
Holding your eyes

Casey hides behind an Elvis swagger
And a marlboro red
He's small and charming
He has a smile that is velvet

you made My bones
Flesh and skin
you and him
A human suitcase

He looks to get high
In the lowest of low places
His world swirls
To a mangled mess

If you were metal
You would be copper.
Shiny and malleable
And made into useful things

In the intimate hours of the morning
I feel you snuggle in to me
I bury my nose in your hair
Breathing in deep your scent

Quietly you go
Soft angel feathers
Envelope your soul
Carrying you away from us

Bitter as an unripe orange
Orange you glad you asked

Asked a question so divine

Old broken words in spineless protection
At best
Is dimly Lit

Winter heralds In a level of depression
That surpasses
The level of elation
I feel when spring arrives

She walks with envy
Thinking everyone has more than she does
So she lies and steals
Manipulates situations to her advantage


Pieces os Life
Ride on a zephyr

Parts of Life

Eve offered to Adam an Apple
He wasn’t forced to take it
Was the result so bad
Seeing paradise, naked?

Rainwater bounces off the window glass
Sounding as if a million pebbles are being thrown at
The old Wilson Building
Housing this working lass

I am quitting my job, my friend
This is real not pretend
My means now becoming the means that will end

To the Wandas of the World
Our name conjures up Images
Of ketchup on macaroni & cheese
Potato Chips in Tupperware Bowls

20 versions of tomorrow
Play out in my head

Tail lights and Street lights

Dance the dance steps
From when I was small
I just remembered
I didn’t dance at all

Wanda Swim Strunk Biography

Wanda Swim Strunk is a native Iowan whose works have appeared in literary magazines and the Poem ' I wanted to be a Willow Tree' was winner of the coveted Mississippi Valley Poetry contest's Mississippi Valley category and her most known poem ' August is the dying month' first appeared here on poemhunter. Her works have been chosen by Harvard's foreign students as poems of the month and she has had her work added to educational curriculums from Iowa to India. Her work has insppired other artists like Gustav Reyes beautiful wood rings. She currently resides in Iowa and is working on a book of short stories about love and romance later in life called 'The Coffin Dodgers'.)

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August Is The Dying Month

August is the dying month
When hot July struggles to keep her hold
Moving toward a hopeless chilled September
Pretending to be summer
As if children heading back to school stir the cold from the sky

It is a refined deceiver

August is a butterfly crushed on a roadway
One side dead to the pavement
The other is still vibrantly flutteringly alive
Fighting to fly away but it’s fate is already sealed

It is a delicate executioner

August is the month colors trickle from trees
A first leaf unnoticed tumbles
Sheepishly the others will shortly follow
Shamefully they will drift to the ground

It is a subtle destroyer

August is 6 PM
The disillusion of a day realized
Dinners to be eaten alone
Murky dark mixes with the daylight
Spitting out gloomy gray

It is a sophisticated betrayer

August is the death rattle
Demise by means of a Fall
Stealing gaped mouth last breaths
Swallowing everything into its earth
Coughing back a cold winter in return.

Wanda Swim Strunk Comments

Rev. Dr. A. Jacob Hassler 29 September 2005

i see a great deal of talent in your work. keep writing and experimenting with new styles. take in everything you can read. soak it up and use it. blow minds and break hearts. Jake

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