August Is The Dying Month Poem by Wanda Swim Strunk

August Is The Dying Month

Rating: 5.0

August is the dying month
When hot July struggles to keep her hold
Moving toward a hopeless chilled September
Pretending to be summer
As if children heading back to school stir the cold from the sky

It is a refined deceiver

August is a butterfly crushed on a roadway
One side dead to the pavement
The other is still vibrantly flutteringly alive
Fighting to fly away but it’s fate is already sealed

It is a delicate executioner

August is the month colors trickle from trees
A first leaf unnoticed tumbles
Sheepishly the others will shortly follow
Shamefully they will drift to the ground

It is a subtle destroyer

August is 6 PM
The disillusion of a day realized
Dinners to be eaten alone
Murky dark mixes with the daylight
Spitting out gloomy gray

It is a sophisticated betrayer

August is the death rattle
Demise by means of a Fall
Stealing gaped mouth last breaths
Swallowing everything into its earth
Coughing back a cold winter in return.

Pamela Davison 13 September 2005

One of the best poems I've read lately. Brava.

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francie hill 15 August 2018

A must read a second and third tine and then again! the illusion very much!

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Annette Lohan 06 February 2006

You make great use of imagery in your poems - children stirring the cold out of the sky; the butterfly as refined deceiver. I like the use of the single line as heading to each stanza.

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Mary Nagy 31 October 2005

Wow, I've read alot of poems about fall/autumn but never one like this Wanda! What a picture you paint here. Great poem. (But, I still love August!) :) Sincerely, Mary

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Rev. Dr. A. Jacob Hassler 14 September 2005

usually i love autumn, but this year the passing of summer has been like watching a good friend die. fantastic poem! Jake

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Gainor Ventresco 13 September 2005

Simply amazing.....gainor

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