WES Vogler Poems

Hit Title Date Added
(limerick)early Days With Oogie# 161

Seems our Bud is the subject today
What's he done now... do they say?
Let's check it out
'Cause without any doubt

(limerick) Early Days With Oogie # 10

Yike's been playing our man for a fool
Right behind, all the time, with a drool
And, when informed,
Back Oogie stormed,

(limerick) When The Staff Is In Charge

(limerick) When The Staff Is In Charge

Our local news station's been bought by the staff
Professionalism? Oh, don't make me laugh

(limerick) Intro To A Tom Swifty# 615

(limerick) Intro To A Tom Swifty# 615

Although some LIKE steam rollers... not I
'Twas encountered unbidden, that's why

(limerick) Early Days With Oogie# 76

This fading away is a wonderment
Some worrying here has been underwent
Who will be next?
Everyone's vexed!

(limerick)a Practical Application

The new typist was given the spiel
Of the SPCA... how they feel
"That's all very well."
Said our dear Isabel

(limerick) Intro To A Tom Swifty #680

(limerick) Intro To A Tom Swifty #680

Be of good cheer, O Toro, my friend
This may not be just what you portend

(limerick) Budgie Owners Take Note

Budgies do not require gravel for feeding
In fact it could cause some internal bleeding
For years we were taught
Grit was needed ... but's not

(limerick) Early Days With Oogie# 145

One more day in the life of the lads
The goods come along with the bads
We witness the scenes
We follow routines

(freeverse) *dotty Definitions # 58

The other day I was searching for bad jokes
and I had to get them out of my head
so I am passing them on to you

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