(limerick) When The Staff Is In Charge Poem by WES Vogler

(limerick) When The Staff Is In Charge

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(limerick) When The Staff Is In Charge

Our local news station's been bought by the staff
Professionalism? Oh, don't make me laugh
Nieces and nephews I'd guess
In this amateuristical mess
The nepotismatical depths of a gaff

After giving the latest report
They giggle, guffaw and they snort
We may not desire em
But who's gonna fire em
Would... I could... the whole group abort

(each one considers him/herself a comedian)

Wednesday, March 28, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: fun,people
Kim Barney 31 March 2018

You're back? I thought you were done on this site! Good to see you back and posting new stuff!

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wes vogler 31 March 2018

Once in a while nothing regular or maybe the odd comic strip to keep you on your toes

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Kumarmani Mahakul 28 March 2018

They giggle, guffaw and they snort. This is such an amazing Limerick that motivates mind and gives fun and large smiling...10

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Michael Walker 21 July 2019

An awesome narrative about the ways of radio news announcers. Thanks for sharing.

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wes vogler 22 July 2019

I will admit that there are a ciouple of old pros hanging on but the professional level is sinking fast quite painfully Can you imagine your family taking over a radio station?

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Rajnish Manga 20 July 2019

The poem uniquely re-creates the latest developments in a business firm. Narrative is awesome with outstanding experiment with English words adds to its humour. Thank you, WES.

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wes vogler 20 July 2019

they are just as bad a year later and my wife still tunes them in

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Me Poet Yeps Poet 29 July 2018

how true r u kindly do read my two poems MY MOM'S SMILES AND MOTHER's DAY TODAY be so kind poet Canadien

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Bri Edwards 27 July 2018

it IS going to be in August's showcase! Thanks. :) bri

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Bri Edwards 18 July 2018

this may be tough for non-native-speakers-of-English to interpret.....[you know, like those who speak U.K.]..., but i may borrow it from MyPoemList for August's showcase, nonetheless. :)

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