Sun And Moon Poem by William Jackson

Sun And Moon

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Sun and Moon
Wishful lovers
Never touch
Languish in silence
Throughout space & time.

She, a fiery siren,
Shines out light,
Passionate love
Towards the object
Of her affection.

And he, the blue moon,
Desiring her caress
Casts his gaze
Upon her visage.

Yet both must find
Permanent satisfaction
With at best and most
Merely the reflection
Of her incandescence
Off his exquisite face.

Melvina Germain 06 July 2007

This is a poem of true beauty William.--Melvina--

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Sierra M 04 July 2007

wow, this is a lovely poem. Great job. : ]

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Tailor Bell 04 September 2006

magnificent assignments and a marvelously beautiful moves like the heavenly bodies move gracefully and continuously. excellent work. -Tailor

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Dee Daffodil 06 August 2006

Wow...This is kind of fact kind of spooky...lovely poem Hugs, Dee

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Patricia Gale 19 April 2006

Lovely William, truly a love story Patricia

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Giovanna 27 February 2019

Lovell poem Another poem on moon to play in schools

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Deepak S S 26 December 2018

Excellent poem, they are inseparable.

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*Trusting You* 29 November 2008

your first stanza is great. this is very beautiful. good job. *Purkey Girl*

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Mamta Agarwal 31 July 2008

this is such a beautiful poem.ilike the imegery you have woven in the poem10+ MAMTA

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Brian Dorn 16 July 2007

Great write, William... I like the human qualities contained within. Superbly done! ! Brian

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