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A Word For The Wise.

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Do your best.
Organize your thoughts.

Never give up.
Optimize your skills.

Believe in yourself.
Expect to be challenged.

Seize the day.
Tune in your mind.
Utilize your talents.
Participate willingly.
Imagine the future.
Determine your destiny.

Duncan Wyllie 24 November 2007

How was it that I found this one straight away, I just clicked on it, then saw something of real worth, something lasting, , is it your best to date, if not then don't worry because it stands on it's own, , , awesome lines penned by a fine wisdom Take care Love duncan x

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Marvin Brato 10 October 2007

An eloquent thoughts my friend, thanks for sharing! Top mark.

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Ivan Donn Carswell 11 February 2007

Stupidity is a state of mind, wisdom a state of grace. May your exhortations ease the path of the nay-sayer! Rgds, Ivan

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Dr John Celes 02 October 2006

Words of wisdom do come from one who is quite wise! Well-said Jackson. with regards, Dr John Celes

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Ruby Root 25 September 2006

Hi William, I don't think you can determine your destiny. My destiny has always been a surprise at the end. So I am not sure about the last line. I think when things happen it's for a reason, good or bad, what happens in life there is a reason for it. That is destiny. Excellent poem, I love how you write.

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Ahmed Abomahfouz 17 August 2011

expect to be challenged and don't give up. unfortunately weak people give up when they lose the challenges, , but you advised to organize the thoughts and believe in ourselves.what a poem you put everything in this poem.

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~ Jon London ~ 31 May 2008

Wise words from a very wise man.....destiny comes to us all, its how we treat it, makes the difference. Fantastic piece William, the world will relate to this my friend. '10' best wishes Jon

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Abha Sharma 04 May 2008

yes we ourselves are the determiners of our destiny… challenging ourselves is the best deal to grow…. A motivating theme for all…

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Greenwolfe 1962 24 February 2008

Are you coach? Greenwolfe 1962

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Ivor Hogg 04 January 2008

Wise words to live by my friend allowing for senior moments I try to do just this

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