I Should Like To Admire You

Rating: 4.6

i should like
to carefreely lie
on my back,
all the while
admiring you.

such gracefulness,
your lithe body
clasped softly
to mine.

your cheek,
carefully resting
upon your small hands
each folded one
on top of the other
beneath your chin
and pressed lightly
into my chest.

i should like
to quietly stop
time altogether,
without any fuss
or any fanfare,
all the while
gently cradling
exquisite you
in my arms.

i should like
to brush away
every stray tear
from your eyes
with my fingertips
and kiss away
all your sorrows,
all the while
your smile.

i should like
to silently cease
the Earth's revolutions
around the fiery sun,
at this exact moment,
all the while
laughing with you
and whispering
my love for you
in perpetuity
if it meant
i could remain
here with you
like this forever!

trisha evensen 14 April 2006

This is a very lovely reflection of adoration seen very sweetly, nice read. take care, Trisha

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Patricia Gale 25 February 2006

Lovely write that I should like. A way with words straight to the heart. Patricia

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Chuck Audette 14 February 2006

I love the languid language and symmetry of the imagery. Even the poem form itself seems lithe and graceful.10. -chuck

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Tori Ocean 10 February 2006

this is so content. so happy, and perfect. i realy like it.

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Beautiful. Lucky recipient! And if carefreely wasn't a word it is now... surely poetry is the ideal medium for neology!

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Abigail Keller 09 October 2006

Lovely poem. all the while anticipating your smile. Beautiful lines! ~Amber~

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Michael Shepherd 17 September 2006

A model poem for any apprentice poet, to show how to tread the line of truth to emotion.

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Linda Ori 09 July 2006

Such a beautiful, thoughtful way of saying 'I love you'. That someone could make you wish for time to stand still - such powerful compassion. What more could you want? Linda

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Will Barber 13 June 2006

Eternity in a moment. Very fine, the way you expand the image to include the image of the sun and earth. I enjoyed and admired this. The language is beautiful, and the message is very moving.

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Anjana Aravind 23 May 2006

A very sweet poem.... good expressions Anjana

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