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William Williams Poems

1. Seasons 12/31/2012
2. Advance 12/31/2012
3. Escape 12/31/2012
4. New Years 12/31/2012
5. Dreams 12/31/2012
6. Desires 12/31/2012
7. Friends 1/1/2013
8. Expectations 1/1/2013
9. Church 12/31/2012
10. Smile 12/31/2012
11. Free 12/31/2012
12. Monster 2/2/2013
13. Alone 3/9/2013
14. Emotions 3/9/2013
15. Nature 12/31/2012
16. Gerod 12/31/2012
17. Grave 6/1/2013
18. Love 5/18/2013
19. Guardian Angel 5/29/2013
20. A Child's Prayer 1/1/2013
21. Cosmos 12/31/2012
22. Running 12/31/2012
23. Time 12/31/2012
24. Empty 1/1/2013

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With eyes of white,
And with the force of a flood,
The angel strikes against,
The one whose soul is soaked in blood.

But the demon returns,
And two are summoned by the one.
Though the angel bravely fights,
He is quickly overrun,

The first battle is finished,
But the cosmic war has just begun.
And where there has been one death,
Many more are to come.

The armies begin to assemble,
Numbers in an uncomprehensable scale,
Though both sides will fight hard,
one must surely fail,

Now the stage has been set,
Neither side ...

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My name is gerod and you may think it queer;  
That I tell you a story that happened right here.
The story of my court appointment won't be a bore,
When you here what I did in the local liquor store,
It started one day, in the beginning of May,
As I awoke on the park bench where I usually lay,
But I'm not homeless don't worry or doubt,
It's just that my wife brought another man in the house,
So I said to myself, 'If she can be a whore,

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