Prince Harming Poem by Your Soul

Prince Harming

Rating: 4.1

She was always searching for a 'Prince Charming'
Who can use his tool for skillful farming
But the one she found was expert in farting
That too at the rate explosive and alarming
Which contributed to the global warming
So she eschewed 'C' and named him 'Prince Harming'.

James Mclain 18 November 2009

'Dear'..why did you not go on... methane by any other name is methane.. i enjoyed these words tremendously...iip

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Kasthuri Velu 24 November 2009

i like this poem............well described and talented poet. THATS ALL.............ALL THE BEST

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a lovely sweet poem prince

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Naida Nepascua Supnet 24 April 2011

you write funny ones..will wait for more to come.

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Anusha Subramanian 15 March 2010

HAHA.. This is so good.. Do write more..

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Iron Panda 23™ 04 March 2010

blahaha he caused global warming xD this one is AWESOME too......SO WRITE MORE! ! ! ....pls n thaanx u^-^

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Monica Sevilla 17 February 2010

ahahah it seems that you are so cool and fun to be with like the prince charming i've ever wanted hahaha lol..nice one! ! ! i've met so many prince harming in my life and still waiting for the charming one hahaha

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dude this is good little man

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