Zen Bojczuk

Rookie (Philadelphia, PA. USA)

Zen Bojczuk Poems

1. Tying Flies 1/28/2007
2. Claire 6/11/2007
3. Attempted Murder 5/15/2008
4. Now And Then 5/15/2008
5. Mj 6/13/2007
6. Pepper 5/15/2008
7. Lucky Catch 6/19/2008
8. Needs 5/28/2008
9. To Hold 5/20/2007
10. Dreaded Words 6/2/2007
11. Unprepared 6/7/2007
12. Redneck Metalhead 6/15/2007
13. Empty Drift 2/20/2007
14. Sepia Tone 2/20/2007
15. Starred Deeply Into My Eyes 9/25/2007
16. Math 6/19/2007
17. Life Jacket 1/24/2007
18. Have You Ever 5/20/2007
19. Long Handled Net 1/12/2007
20. A Rather Spectacular Sunrise 7/10/2007
21. To The Gym (Haiku) 3/1/2007
22. Parallel Paths 3/12/2007
23. Just Another Attempted Homicide 2/22/2007
24. Valentine's Day Memory 2/10/2007
25. Synchronicity 1/3/2007
Best Poem of Zen Bojczuk


We are definitely out of sync.
Rather obvious. Don't you think?
My bumbling actions were a fright.
You move left, as I move right.

There is a rhythm to the Universe.
Even stars move with poetic verse.
But not you and I - thats our plight.
You move left, as I move right.

To hurt you - That would be insane!
Yet all I touched...a wound became.
Even though I try with all my might.
You move left, as I move right.

I always am some moments behind.
Right words.. Right actions I can't find.
So we part.. yet, linger just out of sight.
You move ...

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Empty Drift

Tonight I am feeling empty
Like something good has slipped away
Water through fingers.. something gone
Like something precious was lost today

Maybe just thinking of a half wasted life.
Things left undone. Fluid words not spoken,
and words that should not have been said.
Like part of my sprit has been broken.

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