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When I Fell In Love With You

When I fell in love with you, I fell in love with your flaws not your perfection.
I fell in love with your personality not for your looks.
I fell in love with your smile, your laugh, but yet I fell deeper in love with your fears, your pain, your moody days and your lost soul.
I fell in love with your humble heart, your silent thoughts and you're never ending talks.

No I Am Not Okay

I hide my feelings,
eyes full of tears, No
I dont want to tell the reasons
I'll keep it to myself.

Broken Goodbye

That day you left me was unpredicted, while I was waiting to hear from you, your silence became the answer to all questions.

You left me with the dust of memories, the tune of songs you played me to the jokes you said to make me laugh.

If I Ever To Forget You

The memories of you still linger around my soul,
Every word we shared echoes my heart back to you
If I ever to forget you,
In the name of love, I would struggle myself out

Tears, Go Away!

My tears, can you please go away?
You have caused me trouble more than enough.
Why do you have to keep bothering me all the time?
Why can't I hide you away whenever I am hurt?

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20 October 2017

A childs laughter is the most purest form of love that exists in this world

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every writing of mine holds a moment, a heartbreak, a feeling that only the paper and i will know.

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