Abhishek Tiwari Poems

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A World Full Of Fake Smiles!

</></></>Today I went to a city side,
What a fake world with
such a fake smile..! !
I couldn't talk to people

Thanks For Stabbing My Back, At Least My Heart Wasn'T Hurt!

Thanks for telling me, you are not what you are..! ! And thanks for not telling, that,
you have got two faces...! !
Now, please do tell me one thing,
which was the face that I loved,

All Is Yours! !

You can hit me,
kill me, or,
destroy me,
but I can do just nothing,

I Havent Seen Your Eyes

Three years have gone by,
Oh Love! O fire!
O my ultimate desire,
I haven't seen your eyes.

A Walk To Remember! !

It wasn’t a fire, or a desire, but,
one thing is certain, something burnt within me
When I walked with you…

How Can I Bleed My Feelings Out?

This poem is the English version of my poem Kya Likhun?

What should I write?
How can I bleed my feelings right?

A Walk Alone!

I have no answers nor
any questions to ask...

Neither any wound piercing me hard

My Love Is Playing Game With Me

My Love is playing game with me,
Or, is she...?
Heaven knows and knows she.

Aji Hasiye Mat Meri Prem Kahani Pe! !

Bahut dino se jo hai dil me dabi,
Aaj use me juban pe lata hun!
Kisi aur se to keh na saka,
Par tumhe apne pyar ki dastan sunata hun!

Tuzhme Apna Nishaan Dhundta Hun!

Chahne walon ke Haz me
main tuzhe apne saath dhoondta hun....

Teri ankhon ki surahi me

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