A Walk To Remember! ! Poem by Abhishek Tiwari

A Walk To Remember! !

Rating: 4.8

It wasn’t a fire, or a desire, but,
one thing is certain, something burnt within me
When I walked with you…

End was far and we walked slow.
Still just a moment it took, to walk past through…
Was it an illusion,
or just because,
I walked with you…? ?

I played a trick and shortened my steps,
to buy some more moment to
glide along with you,
just to be with you...

All of a sudden, things changed! !
the breeze, the floor,
the sounds, the door…
All went numb when I saw
the end of the corridor…
Mr. Bolt I broke your record,
It took me a moment to
walk across the corridor…
My blood, my brain,
my heart insane! !
In the silence of sound
All screamed for an encore…

Everything vanished in a moment-
The stars, the world,
the moon and the skies……
All that was left was
My beats, my breaths with
You and your eyes…..
My dreams, my life,
My feelings, my smiles
Everything felt shattered,
I was left with only tears to cry…
Pain was as if it were the final good bye…

I still wonder..
Was it a fire, or a desire..
But that thing kept burning
After walking with you…
Every day since
Walking with you…


wish there were science to materialize the game we played in childhood,
wish some moments could be made permanent place to live..
Casey Jarrell 30 October 2013

It was a wonderful poem. You don't need to improve anything.

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Valerie Dohren 30 October 2013

When I was at school (many many years ago!) , I remember one of my teachers saying never to use the term 'all of a sudden' because when said quickly it sounds like the name 'Oliver Sudden' - I always remembered it and therefore never use this phrase. Replace it with 'suddenly', otherwise a great poem.

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Amitava Sur 30 October 2013

It's a nice elaboration for liking or love or may be crush. All those tricks or many more come from that.... nice. You may read my Sonnet: Love to get an idea about love

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Donald Kuutsi 01 November 2013

wow this is wonderful.....what a masterpiece, you have the vibe man...love the way you expressed these thoughts about love....l cordially invite you to read my new poem ''heaven l need a hug'' and a poetry collaboration entittled '' the told legend''

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Susan Williams 04 September 2020

It wasn’t a fire, or a desire, but, one thing is certain, something burnt within me When I walked with you…- - -> ah the pangs and nerve-wracking uncertainties of attraction

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Hazel Durham 03 August 2014

Truly breathtaking in your skill at laying bare all your emotions with such beautiful imagery, you keep it simple and your words capture the readers imagination! You write so beautifully! !

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Roseann Shawiak 16 March 2014

Maybe, it was infatuation mistakenly thought of as love? All these things can happen when you are infatuated with someone also. You can be fooled into thinking you're in love, because you feel desire so intensely when you want to be with someone. This poem just brought up these thoughts while reading it. It sounds like your heart was truly touched and then left bereft, can feel the pain. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn

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Tanya Gupta 02 March 2014

very nice poem and truely heart touching. please come to my page and read my poems. i am very small in age and need your encouragement....please come

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imaobong igwe 02 November 2013

Your poem is nice and very touching. It make me to have rethink. It makes me wonder if i have had anybody so precious in my life befor, someone who could walk with me in times that and needed them. But at the end, it sound so sad, that the person whose companion u Cherished the most, left u stranded in thoughts. Nice one, and i imageries are perfect

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