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</></></>Today I went to a city side,
What a fake world with
such a fake smile..! !
I couldn't talk to people

Thanks for telling me, you are not what you are..! ! And thanks for not telling, that,
you have got two faces...! !
Now, please do tell me one thing,
which was the face that I loved,

You can hit me,
kill me, or,
destroy me,
but I can do just nothing,

Three years have gone by,
Oh Love! O fire!
O my ultimate desire,
I haven't seen your eyes.

It wasn’t a fire, or a desire, but,
one thing is certain, something burnt within me
When I walked with you…

This poem is the English version of my poem Kya Likhun?

What should I write?
How can I bleed my feelings right?

I have no answers nor
any questions to ask...

Neither any wound piercing me hard

My Love is playing game with me,
Or, is she...?
Heaven knows and knows she.

Bahut dino se jo hai dil me dabi,
Aaj use me juban pe lata hun!
Kisi aur se to keh na saka,
Par tumhe apne pyar ki dastan sunata hun!

Chahne walon ke Haz me
main tuzhe apne saath dhoondta hun....

Teri ankhon ki surahi me

Kya likhun.?
Sochta hun kya likhun..?
Dil main to jajbaton ka samandar umadta hai..
dhadkan sang khayalon ka jwaar nikalta hai...

Yaad hr lamhe ate kyun hai?
Hr pal me surila saaz bankar
kanon me gungunati kyuhai?
Behti hawa jo gujarti hai chuke...

Hey poemhunter!
You have caught the right prey!
Hunt me, ruin me and kill me..
I am the right prey..

Tuzh bin chain-o-karar ki aas kahan hoti hai...
Tere yaadon k kisse dohrane se pehle ye ankhen bhi kahan soti hai..
Hr aahat me, hr dastak hr barish ki hr tip tip me bs tu hi tu hoti hai...
Hai ye koi shazish ya khel hai kudrat ka...

Tip-tip barish ki har khanak, har goonj, 
Jism ko cheer kar rooh tak aa gayi...

Har ek hawa k jhonke se lipatkar, yaad teri aa gayi...

1) Ye falsafa hai humari shiddat ka....
Takaza hai waqt ki suiyyon ka...
Aap hoti hain to ye theherta nahi..

Yaron ki mehfil hai,
fir bhi na jane kyun,
ye dil khudko tanha paye?

Har juban pe mera naam hota,
har jarre me mera makaam hota.

Do chaar karte jee-huzoori humari,

Kitni dafaa kaha hai,
payal mat khankaya karo,
naachne ko jee chahta hai,
yun bheed me to na nachaya karo! !

Abhishek Tiwari Biography

Brought up in heavenly land of Arunachal Pradesh, India.. The mesmerising beauty produced a few poems from my soul... I loved and wrote only about moon..only until my heart fell in love and from there on..i write about her... (The person i havnt yet seen) .. Currently I am doing MBBS... And hence these days my poetry are being influenced by medical carrer.. I am becoming a doctor, but my love for poetry and respect for poets will never die..)

The Best Poem Of Abhishek Tiwari

A World Full Of Fake Smiles!

</></></>Today I went to a city side,
What a fake world with
such a fake smile..! !
I couldn't talk to people
I love, and Laughed with people I didnt like..
Today I went to a city side..
what a misery!
I bought a t-shirt worth nothing,
With 90% discount,
and exclaimed with haughty pride..! !
I talked to people far off,
but could not recognize the one who lives beside..
This was the taste of city side..
I crossed the pingy poo of roads
and went to eat and get some life..
I emptied my wallet, its every penny,
but I am still hungry,
This, oh God! I cannot hide...!
I billed and smiled,
a fake smile..to the people there inside..
and said good bye to the city side..!
This was the taste of city side! !

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Shahzia Batool 11 April 2013

A young bilingual talent with much poetry within... best wishes for the medicine studies! ! !

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Sonali Sings 28 October 2011

Abhi's writing style knows no bounds, he enjoys the free spirit..more sensible poems expected...

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isabella Francis 19 October 2011

I love your work... Really nice...

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