The Candle Poem by Akhtar Jawad

The Candle

Rating: 4.6

Burning and melting,
Lightning but no thunder,
Tears dropping drown like icicles,
Freezing but not cool,
Having lost,
Smoothness of her body,
She is hot,
The hot icicles have changed her shape,
Still graceful,
Looking more beautiful,
Even more sexy,
She is a source of light,
Light that cracked,
The dark lonely night,
In a silent night she is silent but bright,
Withstanding with the naughty blows,
Of sea blows that touch her and runaway,
See her smile on the naught of the breeze,
She never protests,
Just dances with the touches,
The virgin is waiting for someone,
Who not merely touches her flame,
The bold handsome,
Who can kiss her flame,
And courage to be burnt,
In a true love,
That will burn someone,
And convert in ashes,
Lo he came and kissed the flame,
Her flame dances last time,
Nothing is remained,
Except the fumes,
Death of a night is birth of a day,
It’s not only moon and the stars,
A candle too was burnt in a night,
A dark lonely night for love only love,
Leaving behind ashes and fumes,
With tears of dew,
With the parting kisses of night white flowers,
She goes by a flight of the Milky Way,
And the Milky Way takes off on skies,
The morning star,
The only one,
With the wet eyes, waves his hands,
Sees off the candle,
And leaves for the home,
The smiling dawn takes over the charge,
With an earth enlighten,
Here goes a night with the tales of the moon!
The forgotten candle I am sorry for you,
And your lover too!

The Candle
Monday, March 9, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: forgotten love
Terry Craddock 03 June 2015

'The Candle' is a wonderful poem with unique intriguing twists and I loved and adored this poem Akhtar, therefore because the motif of a candle is an image I also have been drawn to several times, because the theme juxtapositions thrilled me with smiles, I am going to save this poem to MyPoemList so that I can reread this poem from time to time when the mood for mystic weaves the desire for mysteries into my mind.10+ my friend :)

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Siddartha Montik 24 December 2016

Lovely glorification of the Graceful & sacrificial candle. that probably gave light for centuries....! Too good sir, thank youfor sharing.10++++!

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Soulful Heart 29 May 2016

beautiful as the candle itself.......nothing in this world can beautiful unless it purges itself in the fire of strife n pain......nicely expressed in a romantic tone...

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Khalid Saifullah 29 March 2015

A lovely poem......................10

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Piyush Dey 23 March 2015

Excellent.....How beautifully you have portrayed love..just, lovely.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 09 August 2023

It gives enormous pleasure to revisit this wonderful poem.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 11 September 2022

This magnificent poem exemplifies your calibre as an outstanding poet... great!

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me poet yeps poet 26 December 2020

......lovely starry poem JA SIR... you have on this new site not read me do pl

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Suresh Kumar Ek 15 December 2020

The fate of a candle can be personified To our life, beautifully like this poem

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Me Poet Yeps Poet 25 August 2020

'm now on the periphery of time when soonly no one will know me nor read my Rhyme I won't any longer chime nor mime I bow to AKHTAR Jawad JANABH who brought me to Poem Hunter he alone was my mentor. the Bestest poet of Pakistan

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