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Night I thank you,
For saving me from the laborious day,
For releasing me from the captivity of the sun,
For protecting me from matilda of the rain.

I was born like I see, an imbecile,
I agreed within me,
I took to my fate,
I received pleasure and prestige,

"You must push the pen to the column, " my father commanded,
"Your paper isn't inked well, " mother yelled,
Waiting and sighing in perfidy;
Bending over the rough and dull monsters,


I mourn but with silent tears,
I wail within, yet I smile out,


This is the world of tragedy,
A world of failure and deceit,

When fire burns in the forest,
We all see its smokes,
When I say fire burns on the river,
You all bother me with queries,


When water is over-boiled,
It begins to dry up,
Soon the pot becomes burnt,
All in the name of peace.

A year of peril,
This moment of annual dinner,
Did I dine with terror,
Did I wine with horror,

Mr. paper wrote yesterday,
Won pen award today,
And will want to write tomorrow
For more profit,

In those days I remember,
We, I with my other friends,
After the closing bell jingles,
Would run to our various houses,

From the South,
Millions of sandstorms
Steaming like Mama stew on fire,
Loud echo of hot thunder rents the West,

I am an ant,
I live only not to die,
My pocket is not to build mansions,
Neither do I plan to make stables;

Seeing an old hen for sale,
Before purchasing, question yourself,
If it had laid and hatched twenties,
Will it have been brought to the market?

Away they go two thousand kilometres,
To a large pasture of barley,
With their bills they plough and toil,
Like torque does to engine,


By the command of our headmaster,
"Arise o compatriots, " we intoned with serenity,

Cracked like a wailing morn,
Toned up like a moderate feather,
"Shall we live by history? "
The sonorous mime hits me.

A man pretends to be wise,
Calling aking in crown and robe
A fool but wears tatters,
Who then is foolish?


In the morning, tongues are seen out of mouths,
Heads dangling up and down with joy,
Teeth singing glorious tunes,
To celebrate his arrival.

Dancing to a ring point,
Once he makes up like a sweated labourer,
Mouth wide opened with refuting refuge,
Against the podium he declares.

When the market is set ablaze,
Who is the semiotician
To alert the deaf of the impending peril?
When a hundred souls are on sleep,

Enikanoselu Seyi Biography

Seyi Enikanoselu was born on the 12th of May,1989. He is a renowned playwright, novelist and poet, who devotes much of his time on romantic and pastoral creativity. He is a member of Association of Nigerian Authors (Kebbi State branch) . Some of his unpublished works include: ROMANCE OF DEATH, THE LABYRINTH, ON THE EVE OF EXECUTION, OLD CURSE, among others. He has published several articles in the fields of Public Administration, Literature, Language and Education.)

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My Night Grace

Night I thank you,
For saving me from the laborious day,
For releasing me from the captivity of the sun,
For protecting me from matilda of the rain.

No rest paves way for the day,
Except the matinee play at noon,
After bending, grinning, squatting, and sweating hard,
To axe out from the iroko massages,
And sieve reefs from the river.

Another anticipation comes to me,
When the blue moon emerges,
That my bed pays me welcome,
After chasseur has convinced my appetite,
And chasse appends my heavy feet.

Heavy storm blows my weak brow a close,
Oft, I am lured to see the hallucination,
Of nothing else in the world,
But the rubbles amongst the rubies.

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Do not be confused by the confusion people put on you but by your own confusion.

Eraser is meant for those who bear it in mind that they would make mistakes. Modesty corrects anomaly.

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Enikanoselu Seyi Popularity

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