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1. The Hangover 4/4/2018
2. A Vision Of Light And Darkness 4/4/2018
3. The Cottage By The Sea 4/4/2018
4. The Rise And Fall Of Political Man 4/4/2018
5. The Gambler A Wasted Life 4/4/2018
6. Stubborn Is What Men Are 4/4/2018
7. Astounding Grace 4/4/2018
8. The Earth Shook With Anger 4/4/2018
9. A Book Without Pages 4/4/2018
10. The Golden Land 4/6/2018
11. The Voice Of Birds Was No Longer Heard 4/6/2018
12. The Story Book 4/6/2018
13. The Buttercup With Golden Hue 4/6/2018
14. This World Keeps On A Changing 4/6/2018
15. When The Sun Illuminates The Sapphire Sky 4/6/2018
16. The Mountains Of Conviction 4/7/2018
17. Nature In All Its Glory 4/7/2018
18. Today The Blooms Were Opening 4/7/2018
19. The Ghosts Of The Night 4/7/2018
20. To You My Lord I Dedicate 4/7/2018
21. Please Walk With Me A Moment 4/7/2018
22. The World Of Darkness [live Your Life In Fear] 4/7/2018
23. Telling The Earth His Lies 4/9/2018
24. The Door Closed Behind Me [love] 4/9/2018
25. The Darkest Dream 4/10/2018
26. I Know This Is A Stupid Thought But I Wish There Was No Sun 4/10/2018
27. The Insanity Of This Planet 4/10/2018
28. She Lay Upon A Bed Of Gold 4/10/2018
29. An Alien Passed Us By 4/4/2018
30. What Is That Noise? ? ? 4/12/2018
31. The Earth Shook With Anticipation 4/13/2018
32. Iam Back. [a Writer Always] 4/17/2018
33. Her Voice Was Like A Choir 4/17/2018
34. The Letter 4/17/2018
35. Without I Write, I Would Remain Dumb 4/17/2018
36. Scars And Stories, The Nightmare 4/17/2018
37. A Life On The Land [nature] 4/17/2018
38. The Leaflets Save Save Save? ? ? ? ? 4/19/2018
39. Happy To Be A Human 4/19/2018
40. A Very Wet Friday, Where Is The Plumber 4/19/2018

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The Rhythm Of Life, Take,Blood

Our hearts beat in unison
the rhythms of our life
sometimes calm and slow at beat
but sometimes fast and full of fright

We dictate the way that our minds think
by the beating of our heart
Because if the heart stopped beating
our thoughts would never start

We walk the pace of our life
to the pulsing in our veins
as the blood rushes through arteries
to help us deal with all life's pains

The blood of life grows slower
as we meet our dictated age
Trying to remember
The youth that it once gave.

Now time has passed inevitably
as I ...

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To be free is the aim of most men
But to be free and toil
Is the aim of the few
If the few toil
Then most men will not be free