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Our darkest day was approaching
as we looked outside in ore.
The garden was overgrowing
and we could see the path no more.

The sound of the morning
whispered clearly in my ear
as the nightingale sang it's melodic song.

The day started evenly
with no one to avail.
As the train was running steady
rattling over every rail.

Our hearts beat in unison
the rhythms of our life
sometimes calm and slow at beat
but sometimes fast and full of fright

The song it lingered in my mind
a song I'd heard before.
It taunted me and beguiled me
as I knew I knew it more.

The Sunlight flickered in her auburn hair
as she walked upon the wandering sands
Like a mirage drifting upon a sea of gold
Her beauty surpassed

The slate Gray clouds
rose endlessly above the silken rim.
As the distant hills reached out.
and birds gave life to the Sunlit sky.

Hands across the Sea

It started during war time
when the world had gone quite mad

The dunes wandered indiscriminately
about the barren land
As life itself lay dormant
beneath the golden sand

Come sit with my a listen
to the tale you'l have to hear
About a young mans story
Of loneliness and fear.

To be free is the aim of most men
But to be free and toil
Is the aim of the few
If the few toil

The strong
May conker the earth
But the weak
Will always find

I sit here all alone at night
thinking of the past.
Will my memories fade with time
or will they always last.


Hi feet were large and out of shape
and he walked along with a wide gate

Your eyes like pools of ice on a frosted pond
entered my heart and melted all within.
Sorrow was a thing of the past.
As I watched you move with an unknown grace

The trouble with life these days
is that no-one understands.
I know this from experience
as I have troubled lands.


The dream was nearly over now
I could feel the endings near

The days were long incorporating my only will
as time immortal dragged tastelessly at my sole
Giving hope to my mind as time went by
but shortening the days of truth

After a very long day
man will always rest his weary limbs
while women continue to work.

The earth was shattered by an eerie sound
as the storms covered the land
Had man being born to bear and break his back
as he toiled the soil at hand

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The Beast Of Darkness

Our darkest day was approaching
as we looked outside in ore.
The garden was overgrowing
and we could see the path no more.

The gate was covered in brambles
and the grass was knee high deep.
It was as if time itself
Had surly gone to sleep.

The light of day was breaking
and the birds began to sing.
But we just stood here waiting
for the darkness to begin.

The clouds passed by in dark array
as the hours went along.
Until the ending of the day
and the birds had stopped their song.

Then from the dark appeared
a beast but not of man.
That took our eyes from within us
then in the darkness ran.

We stood and watched as time went by
never to see again.
The beast of darkness as he ran
and took with him our pain.

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