Alf Hutchison

Rookie - 3 Points (8/7/1943 / South Africa)

Alf Hutchison Poems

1. Three Curs'Ed Nails 3/2/2009
2. Sounds Of Distant Drums 9/18/2010
3. The Greatest Love Story Ever Told 4/15/2009
4. 1 Lest We Forget Hunyani 1/18/2010
5. Where Are The Men Of The Fighting Fifth? 2/6/2009
6. Search For The Truth In These Nails...Three. 3/15/2009
7. Reality 4/13/2009
8. The Truth 7/15/2009
9. Dad 6/17/2009
10. Author Or Poet? 4/8/2009
11. Zimbabwean Drums 1/30/2009
12. Wings Of An Eagle 5/1/2009
13. 3 Painting On Auction 11/24/2009
14. K-Car 6/16/2009
15. Have You Seen? 6/25/2009
16. Sweet Mystery Of Mystries 2/20/2009
17. South African Drums 4/11/2009
18. Blinkers 10/15/2009
19. I Must Try Haiku 7/22/2009
20. What If? 6/22/2009
21. 9 God’s Promise 12/27/2009
22. 2 Don'T Blaspheme. 11/14/2009
23. Rich Man 3/27/2009
24. Salute To 'Author Unknown' 3/19/2009
25. Did I Say Something Wrong? 4/7/2009
26. Christmas Morn 12/10/2009
27. Soldier 6/5/2009
28. Evolution 5/4/2009
29. Lonely 7/12/2009
30. A Vulture Flies 6/27/2009
31. African Missionary 7/3/2009
32. My Friend 5/30/2009
33. Ode To Mary 11/15/2009
34. A Lion Roars 7/9/2009
35. Death On A Tree 10/19/2009
36. Friendship 2/10/2009
37. Battle Of Blood River 5/1/2009
38. Remember 9/11? 5/14/2009
39. Aids Orphans 10/22/2009
40. African Pirates 10/11/2009

Comments about Alf Hutchison

  • is this da boombaloo? (3/6/2019 2:03:00 PM)

    I luvs the poems bu i neds livs storzie so i cun writ but him in schul asignment

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  • Peter Wood (1/31/2016 11:34:00 PM)

    Please can someone tell me how I can reach Mr Hutchison. I would like to use one of his poems in a book I have written. Thanks

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  • Veronica Murdoch Eaton Veronica Murdoch Eaton (10/23/2013 5:52:00 AM)

    Wonderful Alf!
    Thank you for sharing this site with me.
    I have joined and thoroughly enjoying my time on here.

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  • Jacob Boston (1/5/2012 9:28:00 PM)

    I am very upset for you taking credit for Gods Hall of Fame. Over 50 years ago this poem was recorded by two different artists and published in many publications. I know this considering it was written by my grandfather Thomas Edward Beckham. If you would like i would be happy to send you the old albums and publications.

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  • Susan Bagley (8/16/2009 9:12:00 PM)

    Alf's poetry is heartfelt and meaningful. He is a talented poet and his verses will be read for many generations to come. I shall miss hearing from him and conversing with him however since he no longer takes comments.
    I will continue to read his work as long as it is here.

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  • Whitney t (7/19/2009 4:03:00 PM)

    Alf your poems are so powerful and meaningful
    everyone should read your poems and if you dont you should
    outsanding on this poem and the others
    10/10 great, marvelous poems
    keep up the good work
    love the POEMS

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  • Janell Cressman (6/22/2009 12:52:00 PM)

    a very powerful poet, he writes with is heart and not his head. something i'm still trying to master. an amazing poet and a very nice man! ! !

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  • Cindy Goodwin (2/10/2009 1:18:00 AM)

    Wow Alf... powerful stuff... and may it go from your pen into God's ear!

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  • Dani Bompard (2/9/2009 8:27:00 AM)

    'Lest we forget.' Well with your inspiring words and your love for your fellowman we will always remember. Well done Alf. So very proud to have you as a friend and always enjoy your sharing those moments with us.

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Best Poem of Alf Hutchison


As seen through the eyes of those who witnessed first hand,
and liberated the scenes of the Holocaust

The rain how it fell; the cadaver smell
My eyes transfixed on that pit of Hell,
Vapid flesh foul, horrendously bland.
But why this carnage, I don’t understand;

Retching, gagging, holding back the bile.
I turn from the evil to rest for a while,
From decomposing mothers, fathers and child;
Satan’s work, merciless, callously wild.

Laid out in graves grotesquely remorse,
Lucifer’s carnage has taken its course
In a dance of death, ...

Read the full of Holocaust

Author Or Poet?

Author or Poet?

When I write my thought on paper,
Forbid that I should write free verse;
Author or Poet, what shall I be
Driver of hearse… or giver of life.

Authors writhing in anguished pain
Resurrecting rhyming verse again,