Alf Hutchison Poems

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As seen through the eyes of those who witnessed first hand,
and liberated the scenes of the Holocaust

Unknown Soldier

To the memory of all who have fallen in war.
At the going down of the sun,
And in the morning …we will remember them

8 Master Jack

Master Jack was old and grey; time had passed him by,
Wizened hands betrayed his age, still a glint lay in his eye;
Physique so very frail now, had fought a thousand ‘wars’,
Waiting now upon God’s will; Jack’s life had lost its cause.

Africa's Hungry Children

A photograph appeared on the cover of TIME magazine in 1994...a malnourished dying child trying to crawl to a UN aid post a kilometer away...watched over by a vulture just waiting for the child to die...

Kevin Carter zoomed his camera lens, that day in’94,

A Mother's Thoughts

Written Mother’s day 2009

What thoughts that day…went through your mind?
Sweet gentle lady; born one of a kind,


Majestic he mounts the thermals high,
Serenely sailing yon clear blue sky;
Alone he circles, wings abreast
Far above, his mountain nest.

Clock Of Ages

The clay beneath her muddy feet, welled up between her toes,
A squeal of unencumbered bliss, from her young soul arose,
Dancing in the rain alone, arms spread-eagled wide,
An aged mother looking on, shook her head and sighed.

African Queen

Dedicated To a South African poet on Poemhunter...Cindy Kreiner Sera

With carefully chosen words she draws,
On an African canvas which she adores,

Crown Of Thorns

Crown of Thorns

Acacia, crown of desert thorn.
No priceless pearls or Gold


At the moment of conception,
God’s miracle is sown,
The seedlings of an unborn child,
Within that womb are grown,

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