Crown Of Thorns Poem by Alf Hutchison

Crown Of Thorns

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Crown of Thorns

Acacia, crown of desert thorn.
No priceless pearls or Gold
Upon Christ’s head was borne,
To Calvary's cross I’m told.

Void of gems in shades of Tourmaline
Only blood crimson crown of red.
Twas not the richest crown ere seen,
But hideous thorns instead

Those thorns of sin stand in our place,
Representing thee and me
For ere Adam fell from Godly Grace
No thorns grew on that tree.

Alf Hutchison
Good Friday 2009

T S 10 April 2009

Very appropriate and well penned verse 10 +++

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Sally Plumb Plumb 11 April 2009

I am not a religous person - but - I think this poem is really brilliant. (I must add that most of my family are deeply religous)

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Fantastic write. you saw the meaning of the season.. great! ! !

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Louis Rams 11 April 2009

this is excellent! may the LORD look down upon you each and every day for in his grace you will stay. A TEN

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Sandra Martyres 11 April 2009

Alf - this is truly the meaning of Christianity. An excellent poem written appropriately on Good Friday....10++++++

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~ Jon London ~ 22 July 2009

Beautifully written my brother....I know of no man who would endure the same for Mankind.......this is golden 10+++++

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Linda Winchell 20 June 2009

To where a crown of thorns, what man could endure such pain today for Love? None that I know of. Great poem. Ten God Bless, Linda

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rago rago 19 June 2009

beautifully crafted and the felt the feelings of a poet..........

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Ernestine Northover 08 May 2009

Lovely composed piece of writing Alf, nice and fresh and new in its woven state. I enjoyed the read very much. Nicely presented, Love and hugs Ernestine XXX

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Nkululeko Mdudu 16 April 2009

wow, truly an amazing effort, for now we must appreciate that holy sacrifice

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