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As seen through the eyes of those who witnessed first hand,
and liberated the scenes of the Holocaust

To the memory of all who have fallen in war.
At the going down of the sun,
And in the morning …we will remember them

A photograph appeared on the cover of TIME magazine in 1994...a malnourished dying child trying to crawl to a UN aid post a kilometer away...watched over by a vulture just waiting for the child to die...

Kevin Carter zoomed his camera lens, that day in’94,

Master Jack was old and grey; time had passed him by,
Wizened hands betrayed his age, still a glint lay in his eye;
Physique so very frail now, had fought a thousand ‘wars’,
Waiting now upon God’s will; Jack’s life had lost its cause.

Written Mother’s day 2009

What thoughts that day…went through your mind?
Sweet gentle lady; born one of a kind,


Majestic he mounts the thermals high,
Serenely sailing yon clear blue sky;
Alone he circles, wings abreast
Far above, his mountain nest.

The clay beneath her muddy feet, welled up between her toes,
A squeal of unencumbered bliss, from her young soul arose,
Dancing in the rain alone, arms spread-eagled wide,
An aged mother looking on, shook her head and sighed.

Crown of Thorns

Acacia, crown of desert thorn.
No priceless pearls or Gold

At the moment of conception,
God’s miracle is sown,
The seedlings of an unborn child,
Within that womb are grown,

Dedicated To a South African poet on Poemhunter...Cindy Kreiner Sera

With carefully chosen words she draws,
On an African canvas which she adores,



A time of tribulation great,
Is coming to this world;

Alone upon a hilltop,
Stood a piper boldly grand,
A soldier far away from home;
Scotland his homeland.

Do you feel the pain of nails, thrust through your tender hands,
Do you feel those evil thorns, a crown twisted in bands,
The excruciating agony, of iron pierced through your feet,
The shame of being spat upon, on a Roman pebbled street,

Freedom fighter or terrorist? Depends whose side you’re on,
Africa’s ‘freedom fighters’… proud pirates everyone,
No freedom was ever gained for Black folk’s kith or kin,
Their fight was not for liberty, but to loot now from within.

Sixty four wagons in laager; the night mist cold and bland,
These Boers were merely farmers, going north in search of land.
Surrounded now by Zulus, their presence was foreboding,
Twenty thousand warriors; drumming, shouting, goading.

Should the young children
Suffer for our sin,
Does it not grip your trembling
Heart within,

Can you recall where you were, September nine/eleven?
When all hell did break loose; from Kamikaze heaven,

In disbelief, you watched aghast… another plane, another blast.

By Alf Hutchison

To whom do you turn when sad and forlorn?

‘Father please take this cup from me’,
Echoed His cry from Gethsemane,
He prayed aloud and He did fret
Droplets of blood ran down as sweat,

Come with me, hold tight my hand,
Whilst I show you my beloved land,
Africa’s blood washes through my veins,
From Bushveld glades to savanna plains.

Alf Hutchison Biography

I have a passion for poetry and verse. I have both written and committed to memory so much over the years.I believe that the pen is more powerful than the sword...)

The Best Poem Of Alf Hutchison


As seen through the eyes of those who witnessed first hand,
and liberated the scenes of the Holocaust

The rain how it fell; the cadaver smell
My eyes transfixed on that pit of Hell,
Vapid flesh foul, horrendously bland.
But why this carnage, I don’t understand;

Retching, gagging, holding back the bile.
I turn from the evil to rest for a while,
From decomposing mothers, fathers and child;
Satan’s work, merciless, callously wild.

Laid out in graves grotesquely remorse,
Lucifer’s carnage has taken its course
In a dance of death, contorted and thin,
Thousands of bodies, bound together by skin.

Now sixty years passed, will I ever forget.
That day when in person, with Satan I met;
He showed me firsthand his evil, his sin.
Flames of contempt still burn deep within.

Wise men instruct us ‘we must never, forget’,
Upon the memory of them, ‘let the sun never set’;
For six million Jews paid the ultimate cost,
I know, I was there, at the great Holocaust.

Alf Hutchison Comments

Whitney t 19 July 2009

Alf your poems are so powerful and meaningful everyone should read your poems and if you dont you should your A GREAT POET ALF outsanding on this poem and the others 10/10 great, marvelous poems keep up the good work love the POEMS

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Cindy Goodwin 10 February 2009

Wow Alf... powerful stuff... and may it go from your pen into God's ear!

2 0 Reply
Dani Bompard 09 February 2009

'Lest we forget.' Well with your inspiring words and your love for your fellowman we will always remember. Well done Alf. So very proud to have you as a friend and always enjoy your sharing those moments with us.

1 1 Reply
Janell Cressman 22 June 2009

a very powerful poet, he writes with is heart and not his head. something i'm still trying to master. an amazing poet and a very nice man! ! !

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is this da boombaloo? 06 March 2019

I luvs the poems bu i neds livs storzie so i cun writ but him in schul asignment

1 0 Reply
Peter Wood 31 January 2016

Please can someone tell me how I can reach Mr Hutchison. I would like to use one of his poems in a book I have written. Thanks

5 1 Reply
Veronica Murdoch Eaton 23 October 2013

Wonderful Alf! Thank you for sharing this site with me. I have joined and thoroughly enjoying my time on here.

2 3 Reply
Jacob Boston 05 January 2012

I am very upset for you taking credit for Gods Hall of Fame. Over 50 years ago this poem was recorded by two different artists and published in many publications. I know this considering it was written by my grandfather Thomas Edward Beckham. If you would like i would be happy to send you the old albums and publications.

10 5 Reply
Susan Bagley 16 August 2009

Alf's poetry is heartfelt and meaningful. He is a talented poet and his verses will be read for many generations to come. I shall miss hearing from him and conversing with him however since he no longer takes comments. I will continue to read his work as long as it is here.

1 2 Reply

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Alf Hutchison Popularity

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