African Queen Poem by Alf Hutchison

African Queen

Rating: 5.0

Dedicated To a South African poet on Poemhunter...Cindy Kreiner Sera

With carefully chosen words she draws,
On an African canvas which she adores,
Then paints her pictures in colorful hues,
Light shades of darkness, to bluest of blues.

Compassion lies deep within her bone marrow,
For our parched land, its pain and its sorrow,
From Africa crying with its aches and pains…
To the joy that comes, with the blessed rains.

She holds South Africa in the palm of her hand,
Passionately dedicated to God’s beautiful land.
Cindy Kreiner Sera, is our poets dear name,
Seeking no glamour, neither fortune nor fame.

A poetic genius, both humble and wise,
Worthy, we all think, of a Nobel Prize.
An equal to Cindy, has yet to be seen,
Our precious poet…our African Queen.

Tango 18 October 2009

A fine tribute to a very talented lady, and yet so very humble, and a good friend to us all. Tango.

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I totally agree with you Alf. Cindy's work is awesome. The last two stanzas of your dedication are particularly wonderful from 'she holds South Africa in the palm of her hand......and you are a poet who is not only well versed yourself, but can see what a brilliant poet she is too. 10 love Karin

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Ernestine Northover 18 October 2009

A lovely tribute to someone of such high calibre, and a pleasure for me to read your wonderful words. You are kindness itself. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX

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Obinna Eruchie 18 October 2009

It is an elegant tribute that paints the exceptional feats of a worthy poet, and beautifully written.

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Ahtivah Lawton 18 October 2009

that is so sweet kind and generous of u to dedicate a poem to our dear Cindy Kreiner Sera...what a beautiful and magnificent poem....loved it

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Edward Kofi Louis 30 March 2017

To the joy that comes! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Sandra Martyres 28 October 2009

A fitting tribute to a talented poet who represents the heart of Africa...10+++

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 24 October 2009

Cindy is a wonderful and precious poet and one of my good friends on this site. She truly deserves to be called an African Queen. Her poetry reflects a true African soul. You have admired her rightly in your lovely tribute. My best wishes to both of you. Naseer

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Nizamettin Esen Haymanali 22 October 2009

A beautiful worthy tribute to Cindy. So colorful and sweet.10

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Barbara Terry 19 October 2009

Oh Alf this is so tenderly written from a wonderful and caring heart and soul. I read Cindy's comment to this, and your words are so true too. Even in her comments she is humbled by your words, just as she is humbled by the homeland she writes so caringly about. She is a wonderful lady who deserves that Nobel prize. I have been friends with Cindy for a while now, and we consider each one a sister. I have been very lax of late in reading and commenting on her poems because of my illness. But I agree with your poem in its entirety. A 10+++++ and thank you for sharing this wonderful and caring tribute to a wonderful and caring lady. Love & hugs, Barbara

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