Eagle Poem by Alf Hutchison


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Majestic he mounts the thermals high,
Serenely sailing yon clear blue sky;
Alone he circles, wings abreast
Far above, his mountain nest.

Wingspan measuring thirty hands,
Soaring eagle, surveys the lands,
Can there have been a grander sight;
Haast’s splendent raptor in full flight?

Alas man has robbed us of this thrill,
For sport he sought this bird to kill,
For feathers fine to adorn his head,
Birds a thousand lay cold and dead

World’s largest raptor in days of yore,
Haast’s eagle extinct; flies no more.
Mankind forever robbed of its cry;
Gone now from New Zealand’s sky

Another notch in mankind’s gun,
Just killing in the name of fun.
See how men from every nation,
Make mockery of God’s creation.

A time is coming, and coming fast,
When all wildlife will breathe its last;
God’s creatures we have failed to feed,
Forsaking creation…in the name of greed.

Dr Hitesh Sheth 31 May 2009

Yeah daily one species of animal is getting extinct.....................I think one day man to would be extinct.........and yes i agree with karin until cruelty to animal ceases there will never be peace in the world.................

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Ernestine Northover 31 May 2009

No truer words. They are wonderful creatures. Well woven piece of work and lovely imagery throughout. Enjoyed the read very much.

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James B. Earley 31 May 2009

And yet we view ourselves as...............'civilized! '

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Kefentse Sathekge 01 June 2009

greed is driving us to insanity. i could not have said it better.

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red my trees.. sir this si excellent poetry. i read with much pleasure

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Rachel Butler 05 November 2009

'Majestic he mounts the thermals high' Rachel Ann Butler

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Carol Gall 24 June 2009

said very well wildlife is dying and its mans fault

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Excellently expressed.

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Sameer Ahmed 06 June 2009

A good description about the endangered wildlife especially that of an eagle which still maintains one of the alove rituals of world called FALCONRY. Serious efforts are needed on local as well as international levels to understand the importance of these species that are on the verge of extinction.......10/10

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Susan Bagley 05 June 2009

This is a wonderful write Alf. It is so true and should bring us grief. I can see him soaring, I can feel the sadness. Great job.

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