Abortion Poem by Alf Hutchison


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At the moment of conception,
God’s miracle is sown,
The seedlings of an unborn child,
Within that womb are grown,

New life is very sacred,
We have no right to take
That embryo from it’s haven;
For our great God has spake.

“Thou shalt not commit murder”
Moses wrote His words in stone,
That fledgling soul cannot fight back,
Defenseless, harmless, and alone.

A time will come, there is no doubt,
When you stand before the Lord;
On judgment day you cannot hide,
From the wrath of God’s great sword.

Do not harm that unborn child,
You will pay then for your sin,
When you begged for that small life,
To be murdered from within.


This is like a protest poem with its great rhyme and rhythm and strong vocabulary. It is black and white and I admire your strong convictions, but there can be an exception to the rule e.g. child as a result of rape by a mad man, or mental retardation or physical malfunction detected in early stage of pregnancy where life would be unbearable for the new soul and the carers. regards Karin

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Seema Chowdhury 28 October 2009

a very nice and important topic to write about. it needs lot of attention and understanding. may God give wisdom to all the women not to comit this mistake.

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Sandra Martyres 28 October 2009

A very effective and powerful piece on a hotly debated topic...I share your views generally, except in the case of a rape victim

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Marieta Maglas 28 October 2009

A realistic poem, very well written, deep ideas well embedded to convey the message. The pregnant women should be aware that in their uterus there is an alive and undefended human being, who needs their love.Thank you for sharing this poem...........10+++++++

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Ernestine Northover 28 October 2009

No one could have put it better Alf. We treat life with such indifference, like throwing away rubbish. A very well woven theme and a poem worth reading indeed. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX

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Amitava Chakrabarty 10 November 2009

Truly so when you cannot cannot give a life do not take it..But when compulsions arise who will save us, the mare mortals? again the rhyme is superb

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Indira Babbellapati 08 November 2009

...an eye-opener! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Bob Blackwell 07 November 2009

In our world life is cheap, people die every day from war, murder, accidents. I have no firm belief on abortion. I do not like human suffering of any kind, whether or not to abort, I feel the circumstances should be taken into consideration. Laws are meant to be flexible, good judges take this into consideration. regards Bob

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Jacqui Thewless 04 November 2009

Have read the other comments and can not agree with those who take the view that abortion is justifiable 'in the case of rape'. The tone of the poem is fundamentally righteous. The 'law of the land', however, in many places and at different times legitimizes 'unrighteous acts'. The 'issue' of eugenics and euthenasia can be read as an invitation to do what is legal on whatever grounds, and 'moral law' is something which individuals can choose to ignore. To inser 'caveats' into 'moral laws' is to confuse both. Dodgy ground, I think. It may interest some readers to know that, according to legend, St. David (the patron saint of Wales) was conceived when his mother, Non, was raped. Here we have yet another example of 'the light that shines in the darkness - and the darkness can not overcome it'.

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Lady Grace 03 November 2009

this is an interesting theme that was written as poem..the presentation is nice and clear...''abortion'' is a sin if this is made intentionally, , , but there are cases that it is aborted unintentionally and that is 'miscarriage'' so that is not sin....there are cases too that a mother is not healthy or not capable to bear a child so, it is forcefully be aborted by a physician with the CONSENT of the concern and that is not a sin too..a child is a gift of GOD..a couple wthout kids are like nights wthout stars..lonely are the houses with no laughters from kids...AND THAT IS THE IMPORTANCE OR THE VALUE CHILDREN CAN GIVE...

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