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Do You Know Who I Am?

Rating: 4.7

Do you know who I am?
I am the dream you have not fulfilled
I am the nightmare you cant face
I am the speech you cant complete

I am the wave that hasn't hit the sand
The storm that hasn't stopped brewing
The tide about to turn
I am your potential not yet found.

So see who I am
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Tranquil Ocean 06 March 2007

Reminds me of Emily Dickenson's - I dwell in possibility... Great thoughts interwoven in this. Love...TO

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Original Unknown Girl 06 March 2007

Beautiful Alison, the imagery in this was so dramatic I could see it happening as I read! A great poem... HG: -) xx

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Not a member No 4 17 March 2007

This is very powerful writing Alison. Great imagery from top to bottom with an effective and engrossing flow of meaning from start to very fine finish. Excellent stuff. xx jim

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Jim Foulk 16 March 2007

you are in deed a very talented poet. This was a beautiful piece of heartfelt poetry if there ever was.

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... and there was me thinking of you primarily as an unusually talented poet.... t x

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Awesome subject matter...Eloquently delivered...Stunning close-out. Alison, you continue to impress as a solid, diversified poet on PH.Structurally, crisp, yet silk-smooth, and always innovative...You, young lady...DO ROCK! F J R

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David Harris 09 March 2007

Alison, great write here. You helped set my potential free as you well know. I loved this. Thanks for sharing it. David

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