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Rating: 5

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Biography sections have always baffled me. What could you possibly discover here that is of any importance? We are all secrets from each other, every heart that beats keeps secrets from the heart nearest to it. I am nobody in particular, and if I were, I would lie about it.

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Going For Coffee

I read one of your poems
when I should have been working.

how words strung together
like Chinese lamps
bravely staving off the darkness
of a humid summer night
force you to my mind:
Center stage,
wry smile on crimson lips.

What touches your skin now?
Who strokes your hair while you sleep?

If I could call you
casually to have coffee with me,
I'd ask about your life
and make crass comments about your replies
to make you smile,
while you flick ash and glowing embers away
from your Virginia Slim fingers.

Or perhaps you've quit,
and I'd be forced to congratulate you,
my heart cursing the way we choose practicality
over romance.

I've never been good at ending things.
I prefer to let them drift
just out of sight
without breaking the ties.
I know.
Which is why I was sipping
this morning's coffee this afternoon
reading your poems
instead of working.

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05 November 2016

I am old as sin and twice as attractive.

04 January 2017

Most roses smell terrible no matter what name you give them.

05 January 2017

Stop criticizing the grammar police. As long as you follow the rules you have nothing to fear.

06 January 2017

There's nothing more lovely than a weeping woman.

11 January 2017

A convincing lie should contain as much truth as possible.

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