allan macli borges Poems

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The Dreams

Never the dreams become true
As we await for miracles from above
Where nothing's living to give us hope
Never the dreams become true

Path Through The Pain

The earth changes every minute beneath my feet
From the deep arise mountains that I can’t reach
I feel the swallowing whistle of the hurricane
As the ground opens below tearing down my blame


She cries a silent moan into the night
For the deserved resting seems never come
Opened eyes to see… just same sight


I remember the day when I saw her
In that t-shirt I liked she was wearing
She was too pretty for me – I thought
From the window I’m just staring

Beauty Of The Endless Night

From the clouds she came into a smoke
Reminiscence of the gold age
When the gods fallen on their sleepiness
Having no man to starts their race


The day has come to his rising
Echoes of the hammer recovering
Ripping the all ages icons up
No chance for them getting over

Born To Be

We’re born free, ready to learn all about everything;
When we opened the eyes at that fatal day,
We couldn’t imagine what was longing for us.
Inside was so soft, calm and comfortable;

Hell Is Here

An airplane lands
In the house of the brave
Hope increases in the heart of the prey
But the hunter was unleashed again

*unsung Songs

No one knows the hard is living like this
Blank pages waiting for my pen’s ink
Pieces of me scratched under that sun
There are so many songs I wanted to sing

Living Ungodly

Who lives on me?
Throughout the years was someone else
But one day I woke up free
Never more afraid the death

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