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'I tell the whole world that to its face! I have a right to say so, for I shall go on living to sixty myself. To seventy! To eighty! ...Stay, let me take breath...'

'notes from the underground', Dostoievski.

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The Dreams

Never the dreams become true
As we await for miracles from above
Where nothing's living to give us hope
Never the dreams become true
As we keep the eyes closed indoor
As we keep our knees on the floor

So much weighty is this bale to carrying alone
Are we going to see that we're already at home?
The seeds we've sowed by the way of time
They shall bring back all we left behind

Never the dreams become true
As we keep looking for smoke
As we take the blame of elders
As we pay for the crimes of others
Never the dreams become true
As we hide what really matters

It's not enough for us the crises and disasters
It's not enough to help us to see the right path
There's so much more around than light and darkness
There's so much more to do than showing we regret

Never the dreams become true
- Just never
As we keep putting the guilt on ghosts
As we keep following the way of the most
When we gather the required bold
When we set the wounds unfolded
Stretching out all our fears and hopes

Maybe the dreams become true
As we start writing a new piece
Where there's no place for ghosts and mists
Where the life is respected as it is
Then some dreams will come true
As we start wiping the tears
As we keep our head out of gloom

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Nitin Sahni 18 June 2012

Allan I love to read your write.You are emerging as a promising poet!

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Debaish Tewary 16 October 2008

beautiful, somewhere u could touch the colours of life

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