Living Ungodly Poem by allan macli borges

Living Ungodly

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Who lives on me?
Throughout the years was someone else
But one day I woke up free
Never more afraid the death

Pretty things becomes prettiest
The river I swim flow in happiness
No more fault to confess
Life is more than idiot contest

Chains broken
Tears wiped
Blood stuck
Life arise
Living ungodly
Freedom we ride.

<font color =fusha>Amy 15 September 2008

Beautiful poem. Hopefully you continue to write- i lok forward to reading more

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Tsira Goge 20 September 2008

allan, When is born such questions, especially in a verse, it already lifts spirit.... Good work... Thanks for fine the comment. 10... best wishes, Tsira

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Ashraful Musaddeq 16 September 2008

A wonderful poem is written, love it. Concluding lines are beautiful. My 10 for it.

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 16 September 2008

It's a new you, bravely deliverance of self esteem!

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Tanya Stanford 16 September 2008

This is a beautiful way of saying you are starting a knew life. Lovely word use and it gave me a sense of hope. Loved it.

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Dear Allan, you have a very good future in poetry. Continue to read good poetry and you will answer your question 'Who lives on me' (God and Good Poetry is the answer) . I give you 10 (I hope to keep it)

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