The Lost Cause Poem by Amber Green

The Lost Cause

Rating: 2.9

Lost words.
Lost cares.

Lost memories.
Lost smiles.

Lost tears.
Lost feelings.

Lost worries.
Lost bliss.

Forever I will be your,
Lost cause.


Love it. Simple and very evocative. Sometimes less is more and this is a striking example of that. Esra Sloblock.

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Robin Shuler 10 November 2008

clear, concise - and deadly sharp. Gorgeous <3

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James Wakelin 11 July 2007

Your poem has nine lost's in it. If you turn it around you have nine starting points or destinations which make you look at the sources of the words conected to your 'losses'. Words must be explored in their depths. Write another poem. It could turn out you will write about your findings which give a clearer representation of your voice/soul. I'm wondering if the source of your poem is your mother. Tell me if I'm wrong. Keep playing. The song will come. It will cry out of your soul.*

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Hunny Al 26 September 2006


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Brian Dorn 11 August 2006

Amber, so much said in so few words. You definitely stuck the ending... really well done! Brian

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Gabriella Franco 04 August 2006

I'm not sure is the last 2 lines were a signiture or not, buit that was a wonderful and creative idea! In one of my poems(that I can't put up because of some of the language) The signiture is 'Forever Yours... Always... Madame Lost Cause' I love this poem. That word 'Lost' just hits me hard. Thank you! Gabriela

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